A message from Stephen Kay, developer of the KARMA Technology used in the OASYS and the M3, and now the KARMA M50 Software for the new Korg M50:

"While Korg's new affordable M50 Workstation contains many great features, it doesn't have the KARMA Technology of its bigger brothers, the OASYS and the M3. KARMA M50 Software provides you with the same second generation KARMA Technology contained in the flagship OASYS and M3 Workstations, in Mac/PC form. Using it with an M50 gives you all of the interactive KARMA features and grooves of the M3. If you've ever lusted after the OASYS or the M3 but couldn't afford one, then this could be the combination for you: the Korg M50 + KARMA M50 Software!

This page will be used to support and promote the M50 (both in relation to KARMA Technology, and just in general.) So bookmark it and check frequently in the coming weeks and months for all sorts of information about the M50. Also, visit Korg USA's M50 Page for the complete specs, more demos, and more information."

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Latest News

28-Sep-2013: KARMA M50 Software v2.2.10 released (Mac/Windows) - Free Update - OS X 10.9 and more! [more]

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12-Jul-2013: KARMA M50 Software v2.2.9 released (Mac/Windows) - Free Update - OS X 10.8 and more! [more]

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07-Aug-2010: Reincarnated Released - 32 new KARMA-fied Combis for the Korg M50 (with KARMA M50 Software). [more]

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13-Aug-2009: KARMA M50 Software version 2.2.6 released - free update. [more]

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11-Jun-2009: KARMA M50 Software version 2.2.5 released - free update. [more]

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12-Apr-2009: Catalyst Volume 1 Released - 32 new KARMA-fied Combis for the Korg M50 (with KARMA M50 Software). [more]

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03-Jan-2009 - KARMA M50 Software released - add the complete KARMA features of the M3/OASYS to M50! [more]

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23-Dec-2008 - Korg releases 32 Classic Keys Programs (free) - Merry Christmas! [more]

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12-Dec-2008 - M50 OS Update 1.1 now available - bug fixes and new functionality. [more]

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11-Sep-2008 - The Korg M50 is announced. [more]

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11-Sep-2008 - KARMA M50 Software for the Korg M50 is announced. [more]


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What is KARMA, how does it work, and other frequently asked questions.

KARMA Demos in the Korg M3 Workstation

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KARMA For Tritons?

Are you an owner of a Triton, interested in having KARMA Technology but unable to afford an M3, an OASYS or add a Korg M50 to your setup? You can add the KARMA Technology to what you already have! Check out KARMA Triton Software.