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See/hear musical performances, demos, guided tours, tutorials and more, on the Korg M3, OASYS and Karma. Over 40 videos and over 90 audio files are now available!

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Latest Releases:
11-Aug-2010 Reincarnated: In Yer Face
Video demo of a combi from the new Reincarnated set of 32 KARMA-fied combis, available for the Korg M3 and M50 (with KARMA M50 Software).
10-Jan-2010 House 101 Chapter 4: Module C - Gated Synth
House 101 Chapter 6: Splitting The Keyboard
House 101 Chapter 17: Master Layer SW 1-4
House 101 Chapter 33: Building Scenes Part 3
Four free sample videos from our new online tutorial House 101 Combi Creation Series, available with a Premium Content Area (PCA) subscription.
29-Apr-2009 Catalyst Volume 1: Funkadelic
Catalyst Volume 1: UK Electro
Video demos of two combis from the new Catalyst Vol. 1 set of 32 KARMA-fied combis, available for the Korg M3, OASYS, and M50 (with KARMA M50 Software).
28-Jan-2008 8 artist performances on the M3 and the OASYS at Korg's booth at the Winter NAMM Show 2008. Eldar, Frank McComb, Derek Sherinian, Jack Hotop, Michele Paciulli.
12-Jul-2007 M3 Video Operation Guide - Part 1
M3 Video Operation Guide - Part 2
Parts 1 & 2 of the M3 Video Operation Guide
18-Jan-2007 M3 Video Demo Sequence "KARMA-fied!"
Stephen Kay's M3 Factory Demo Sequence, showing KARMA and the M3 in action.
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WARNING: these videos occasionally contain graphic images of a single human playing a single keyboard and sounding like an entire finished record or soundtrack. If you find this kind of thing offensive, please leave now. However, if you are commonly involved in producing entire tracks by yourself, please proceed at your own risk.