Developer of the award-winning and patented KARMA® algorithmic music technology, Karma-Lab is a provider of software for music and sound creation. Founded in 1994 and based in Scottsdale Arizona, the company has developed the KARMA features, software and sounds for a wide variety of Korg products including the Korg Karma, Triton, OASYS, M3, M50 and Kronos. Karma-Lab has also recently released software and sounds for a number of Yamaha products including the Motif XF and XS series, the MOXF and MOX series, the S70/S90 XS series, and the Motif Rack-XS. KARMA technology is used worldwide by tens of thousands of users, for applications including audio production, song-writing, film/TV soundtracks, live stage sound, club remixes, computer game sound, and multimedia applications.
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