(1) KARMA Music Workstation Demo

==Planet KARMA==

(2) KARMA GE (Generated Effect) Demos

GE Intro And Combinations
Introduction to Generated Effects (GEs), and examples of combinations of multiple GEs.

GE Type 1 (Generated-Riff)
Examples of GE Type 1 (Generated-Riff)

GE Type 2 (Generated-Gated)
Examples of GE Type 2 (Generated-Gated)

GE Type 3 (Generated-Drum)
Examples of GE Type 3 (Generated-Drum)

GE Type 4 (Realtime)
Examples of GE Type 4 (Realtime)

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(3) More KARMA Demos

Chemistry Volume 1 - Grooves & Inspiration
Chemistry Volume 2 - Sonic Viagra!
Chemistry Volume 1 - Groove Injection!
Reincarnation Volume 1 - Inner Groove

Demos of Combis from our outstandingly well-received Combi Collections.

Exclusive Samples for Electronic Musician

Many examples of single GEs and Combis, produced for the August 2001 issue of Electronic Musician Magazine by Stephen Kay.

Korg USA Karma Brochure

Brochure containing interactive examples of the KARMA Function - was included in Keyboard Magazine, August 2001 Issue. Test drive the Karma here!

KARMA Perfect Guide

Many examples of single GEs and Combis, produced by Korg Japan.
This is an English translation, and includes .pdf descriptions and examples documents.

(4) Other Demos

EXB 001 through 007 Demos

Expansion board demos, courtesy of Korg France.