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last updated: 29-Nov-2015
Technical Specifications

Manuals (in .pdf format)

Reference Documents

Name Lists

MIDI and SysEx Specifications

Korg PCG Data Formats

File Utilities You Might Need

Technical Specifications
  (English) Korg USA
  (English) Korg UK
  (Japanese) Korg Japan
  (German) Korg Germany
  (Italian) Korg Italy
  (French) Korg France
Manuals (in .pdf format)
  Karma Manuals - English
Parameter Guide
Basic Guide
GE Guide
Voice Name List
OS 2.0 Update

  Karma Manuals - German
KARMA GE Handbuch
Voice Name List (English only)
OS 2.0 Handbuch

  Karma Manuals - French
Guide des paramètres
Manuel de base
Voice Name List (English only)
OS 2.0 Guide de la mise à jour

  Karma Manuals - Japanese
Parameter Guide
Basic Guide
GE Guide
Voice Name List (English only)
OS 2.0 Update

  Karma Manuals - Spanish
Guía de Parámetros
Guía Básica
Sistema Operativo, Versión 2.0

Reference Documents
Karma Keyboard FAQ PDF document with hundreds of questions related to the operation of the original Korg Karma Workstation, answered by the developer of the KARMA Function, Stephen Kay. A must have for any owner of the Karma Workstation.

Karma Easy Start Document produced by Korg USA containing helpful tips for beginners, in .pdf format. Highly recommended!

Karma Getting Started Guide Older document produced by Korg USA containing helpful tips for beginners (some different than above), in .pdf format.

Karma GE Drum & Perc Mappings Shows the MIDI Note Numbers produced by each Drum/Perc Pattern GE, in .pdf format.

KARMA FAQ Page Frequently Asked Questions about KARMA Technology

Loading System Software 2.0 (in Detail!) Extremely detailed instructions in .pdf format. Even if you’re not “a dummy,” you might want to check these out!

“Taming” KARMA GEs Editing tips that were printed in 2002’s ProView (Korg USA Magazine/Catalog).

“Generating Good KARMA” (Master Class) Electronic Musician - April 2002 Feature Article (by Stephen Kay)

Combi Creation Tutorial (Erasurehead) A comprehensive tutorial written by Chemistry Collection programmer Paul Osborn, explaining in step-by-step fashion how to create the Combi “Erasurehead” from a completely initialized Combi. Highly recommended.

Name Lists
Program, Combination and Drum Kit Names (in text format) for all of the following:
• Karma Factory PRELOAD
• Expansion Boards EXB-PCM01, EXB-PCM02, EXB-PCM03, EXB-PCM04, EXB-PCM05, EXB-MOSS
Use these to make your own Name Definition files for various software sequencers and other programs.

OASYS Workstation:
Factory Preload Data
  OASYSNameListText.zip 87k Mac/Win - Text/Excel format

Karma Music Workstation:
Factory Preload Data
 PCG_Name_Lists.sit.hqx 77k Mac - Text format
 PCG_Name_Lists.zip 58k Win - Text format

All 1190 GE Names (in text format):
 GE_Name_List.sit.hqx 16k Mac - Text format
 GE_Name_List.zip 12k Win - Text format

A list of GEs that are not used by any of the Factory Programs or Combis (in text format and Excel format):
 Unused_GEs.sit.hqx 16k Mac - Text/Excel format
 Unused_GEs.zip 16k Win - Text/Excel format

A list of the Karma Factory Preload Combis, and which Program Numbers are used inside each:
 ABECombis_ProgsUsed.hqx 40k Mac - Text/Excel format
 ABECombis_ProgsUsed.zip 35k Win - Text/Excel format

Lists all the new GEs in the EXB 04 and 05 release, in Voice Name List Style - Microsoft Excel format and .pdf.
 EXB0405_GE_VNL.sit.hqx 24k Mac - Excel, pdf, and text format
 EXB0405_GE_VNL.zip 24k Win - Excel, pdf, and text format
MIDI and Sysex Specifications
OS Version 1.x
 Karma MIDI Spec 1.3.sit.hqx 44k Mac - Text format
 Karma MIDI Spec 1.3.zip 40k Win - Text format

OS Version 2.0
 KarmaV2MidiSpec.sit.hqx 44k Mac - Text format
 KarmaV2MidiSpec.zip 48k Win - Text format

IFX and MFX Spec for either OS (separate)
 midifx.sit.hqx 16k Mac - Text format
 midifx.zip 24k Win - Text format
Korg PCG Data Formats
 KorgPCGFormat.sit 8k Mac - Text format
 KorgPCGFormat.zip 8k Win - Text format
File Utilities You Might Need (free Downloads)
Download Stuff-It Expander for Mac
Download Stuff-It Expander for Windows
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Windows/Mac (.pdf)