“I have seen just about everything and fully believe that the Karma is one of the single most important developments in music technology at this time.”

“I just want you to know that your Karma is the most inspiring keyboard I have played since 1979, when I bought a Prophet 5. And I've bought them all through the years. An old friend came by last night while I was jamming with the Karma and said “I haven’t heard you play like this in almost 20 years.” I’m blown away, and 2 friends went and bought your great instrument after hearing me on mine.”

“Unlike other musical gear that I have purchased (lots, for many years) this purchase has over exceeded my expectations in ways I never conceived when considering the purchase.”

“When I first auditioned the Karma it clicked. I had been waiting for almost a decade for a synthesizer and algorithmic generator that could be controlled in real time. Your work has inspired and helped me explore in ways that no combination of synthesizer or software could and which no price can be placed.”

“2 weeks ago, while just looking around at the local music stores, I saw in the corner, a Karma. I knew it was a new board from Korg, but had never heard one. Having owned a Trinity before, I “thought” I knew what to expect. In a few words, I was blown away....I HAD to have one of these things...:)”

“I must tell you again that I have been playing keyboards for over thirty years. I really feel that the Karma is the best keyboard I have ever owned. It is sweet sounding and the Karma technology is a songwriter’s dream. It inspires me and motivates me to approach things in new and innovative ways. Even my wife, who has become jaded by my purchases, was floored by the sound of my Karma.”

“I went and played a KARMA and was so blown I way, I bought one on the spot. I’ve not gotten a decent night of sleep since. I have a background in software development and have allways wanted this type of control over a synth. Truly amazing.”

“What KARMA is, is a technology that surpasses my wildest expectations on a continuous basis. A few tweaks and real time controls later, I had a new guitar part for my song that I could never have conceived...and it sounded GREAT...and VERY realistic. It’s as if I had another musician over for the day to jam with, and who came up with some cool original ideas. It took my sterile tunnel vision of inspiration on this song, and turned it into something totally original and new. And it sounds great and totally real.”

“...one helluvan inspiring tool for creativity.”

“I have a slew of synths in my little basement studio but I haven't touched a thing since I got my Karma a few weeks ago. For my needs it may be the most valuable piece of equipment I've ever bought!”

“I have been able to create more professional sounding songs since I bought this synth. I LOVE the KARMA system. Being able to generate at least 4 KARMA things per song is really been making my songs rock and sound as though I have programing skills even though I really don’t. I have been having so much fun with this synth, more so than the feelings I had with any other synth I have ever gotten. Now excuse me - I have to go play my Karma.”

“The more I learn and try on my KARMA, the more fascinated I become. It’s like there is always something new. Though I’ve only had mine a couple weeks now, I don’t see this synth ever getting old or boring. It’s an excellent workstation in my opinion.”