There is no "Performance Notes" file for this Performance. To create a Performance Notes file:
  1. Use your preferred document creation program to create a document containing the information you want in the Performance Notes. Save the document in one of the formats supported by KARMA software. Acceptable formats are:
    1. Text (.txt)
    2. Rich-Text (.rtf)
    3. Word Document (.doc) – if you have Microsoft Word installed
    4. Adobe PDF (.pdf) – requires the free Acrobat Reader
    5. HTML (.html) – will open in your preferred browser. The factory Performance Notes are delivered in this format since it's the most cross-platform and software-independent, but it's not the easiest to edit. If you'd like to copy the format and style of the factory Performance Notes, you can use the included "Template.html" file as a starting point.
  2. You can name the file anything you desire, but it's often useful to give it the same name as the performance. So if the Performance is named "My Performance", then you might create a document named "My Performance.html" (example).
  3. Save the file (or move the file after saving) into the directory where all of the Performance Notes are stored. You may also place it in one of the folders in that directory, such as "Factory1", depending on the type or location of the Performance, or create your own folder. In a default installation, starting with version 3.1, the Performance Notes are installed inside the application folder in a "PerformanceNotes" folder:
    • Mac: /Applications/KARMA Motif/Performance Notes/
    • Windows XP: C:\Program Files\KARMA Motif\Performance Notes\
    • Windows Vista/Win7/Win8: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\KARMA Motif\Performance Notes\
  4. In the KARMA Software, in the Performance Editor > Other page, enter the path to the Performance Notes file you created, in the field named "Performance Notes". Do not enter the path to the KARMA Performance Notes folder; only the name of the file or the path from inside that folder. For example, if you placed your file in the Factory1 folder, the path would be: "Factory1/My Performance.html". Examine the factory Performances to see how they are set up.
  5. Press the button to the right of the Performance Notes field to test the opening of your file.
Note: the path to the Performance Notes folder itself is stored in KARMA's Preferences > General tab.