At An Exhibition 82 BPM - 4/4 Rock/Progressive Lead Synth
hand diagram
This "Hall of Fame" Performance pays homage to the legendary prog-rock trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer, consisting of the classic line-up of Hammond organ, bass guitar and drums, with an Emersonian Moog modular style synth lead in the RH area. Modules 1 and 2 are both used to provide the drum groove, with Module 2 automatically playing a somewhat randomized fill at the end of every 4 bars - they switch each other on and off. The fill button brings in a much busier super-prog-rock drum fill whenever desired, with different variations in each scene (and better timing than Carl!) An additional KARMA-generated moogish synth line is brought in by Module 5 in some of the other scenes, but is off in the startup scene.

The LH/KARMA input area has an organ assigned to it that is muted in all scenes except Scene 8. The RH synth lead can be given a completely different character by using A.Sw2, accentuating the filter envelope and resonance, while A.Sw1 toggles the organ's rotary speaker speed between fast and slow (on both the Module 4 KARMA organ and the LH organ in Scene 8). (No rotary speaker or distortion on the LH organ in the MOX version, due to only 3 IFX.)
Left Hand: Distorted perc organ
(active in Scene 8 only)
Right Hand: Moog synth lead (mono)
Split Points: * B2/C3
Motif Arps/Special Notes
  • Two Motif arps can be added to the mix: Pads 9 to 12 provide a heavy synth stab riff, while Pads 13 to 16 provide a one-shot triggered organ slide/glissando, both in ascending scale steps based on the last-played chord.
  • Trigger the one-shot organ slide arp (Pads 13 to 16) on beat 3 to get it to "peak" on the downbeat.
  • In the scenes where the Synth Riff is muted, you can add it in for additional programmed variations.
Pads 1-8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Chord Progression: A Min C Min F Min G Sus4 B Min F# Min D Min E Sus4
Pads 9-16 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Arp1: Syn Stab, Arp2: Org. Slide Arp1 (root) Arp1 (2nd) Arp1 (3rd) Arp1 (4th) Arp2 (root) Arp2 (2nd) Arp2 (3rd) Arp2 (4th)
Exclusive: Ex1, Scene Change One Shot Trigger
KARMA Module 1 2 3
Instrument: Drums 1 Drums 2 Bass
GE: 04/066 03/114 03/060
GE Name: Rock Shuffle Groove Drum Roller Rock Shuffle Bass
Category: Drum Drum Bass Pattern
RTC Model: DP1 - Drum/Perc 1 DP1 - Drum/Perc 1 BL1 - Bass/Lead 1
KARMA Module 4 5 6
Instrument: Organ Synth Riff Fill-Drums
GE: 02/036 01/021 04/014
GE Name: Keith's Organ Comp Arp Model 03 Up/Dn 5 Fill-Prog Rock 1 [s*]
Category: Harmonic (Poly) Arpeggio Drum
RTC Model: DM1 - Drum Melodic 1 CL1 - Comp/Lead 1 DF1 - Drum Fill 1
RT Controls Modules Name Function
1 2 3 4 5 6
Switch 1: x           Rhythm Multiplier [1] Multiplies the rhythm of the cymbals and percussion of Drums 1 by 200%
(but not the kick/snare)
Switch 2:   x         Rhythm Multiplier [2] Multiplies the rhythm of Drums 2 by 200% (half-time)
Switch 3:     x       Rhythm Multiplier [3] Multiplies the rhythm of the Bass by 400%
Switch 4:       x     Chord Size/Density Varies the number of notes in the Organ chords
Switch 5:         x   Rhythm Multiplier [5] Multiplies the rhythm of the Synth Riff to change from triplets to straight rhythms
Switch 6:       x     Octave [4] Changes the octave of the Organ
Switch 7:         x   Octave [5] Changes the octave of the Synth Riff
Switch 8:         x   Note Doubling On [5] Doubles the Synth Riff with a harmony note (has no effect in scenes where the riff is limited to one note by Slider 5 Note Range in the Module Layer)
Slider 1: x x x x x   Rhythm Swing % Varies the swing feel for the first five Modules (although with this Performance, it's best where it is, since Module 2 is triplet-based)
Slider 2: x   x       Rhythm Complexity Varies the rhythmic complexity of Drums 1 and the Bass
Slider 3:     x x x   Duration Control Varies the length of notes for the Bass, Organ and Synth Riff
Slider 4:     x x x   Velocity Accents Varies the level of certain notes for the Bass, Organ and Synth Riff
Slider 5: x           Alternate Drum Map Selects one of many alternate mappings for the Drums
Slider 6: x x         Percussion Pattern Selects one of many different percussion patterns
Slider 7:     x       Note Pattern [3] Selects between two different note patterns for the Bass
Slider 8:       x     Rhythm Randomize [4] Varies the rhythm of the Organ randomly between two different variations
Wheels Function
Pitch Bend on the RH synth lead
Mod (CC01) Vibrato on the RH synth lead
Tone 1 Knobs Modules Keyboard IFX/ MFX Controller CC# Function
1 2 3 4 5 6 LH RH
Knob 1: x x       x       Filter Cutoff 74 Controls filter cutoff on the Drums
Knob 2: x x       x       Resonance 71 Controls resonance on the Drums
Knob 3:               x   AEG Attack 73 Controls amplitude EG attack time on the RH synth lead
Knob 4:               x   AEG Decay 75 Controls amplitude EG decay time on the RH synth lead
Knob 5:               x   AEG Sustain 31* Controls amplitude EG sustain level on the RH synth lead
Knob 6:               x   AEG Release 72 Controls amplitude EG release time on the RH synth lead
Knob 7: x x   x x x x   x Assign 1 16 Controls the amount of reverb on selected sounds in the mix
Knob 8:       x x   x x x Assign 2 17 Controls the amount of delay on selected sounds in the mix
For an explanation of how these parameters relate to different Yamaha Models, see the Tone 1 Knobs Reference. *AEG Sustain is SysEx for XS/XF (no CC).
Other Controllers Modules Keyboard IFX/ MFX CC# Function
1 2 3 4 5 6 LH RH
A. Switch 1:       x     x   x 86 Activates the fast speed of the rotary speaker effect on the organs
A. Switch 2:               x   87 Modulates the filter cutoff and resonance for the RH synth lead
Ribbon:         x         22 Modulates filter cutoff and resonance for the Module 5 Synth (off in some scenes)
Damper:             x     64 Latches the LH organ (which is active in Scene 8 only)
Scenes (Master) Description
Scene 1 (simplest) - drums play the sidestick and ride with a fill every 4 bars, bass is more open, organ is simplified, panning octave notes from the synth riff; interesting pitch bend triplet snare fill
Scene 2 (simpler) - drums move to a solid hi-hat/snare groove, bass continues an open phrase with pickups, the organ plays angular lead lines, while the synth riff plays a busier octave counterpoint; straight triplets snare and toms fill
Scene 3 (simpler) - drums on hi-hat/snare, open bass line moving to the third, tambourine percussion added, comping organ chords, synth riff muted; busier snare and toms fill with some 32nds
Scene 4 (simpler) - rhythmic complexity increases, bass starts a straight eights throb, the synth riff is added playing a syncopated triplet pattern, the organ gets busier; busier snare and toms fill with more 32nds
Scene 5 (startup) - the basic full groove (synth riff muted); fast 32nds prog-rock snare and toms fill - rip a tasty solo!
Scene 6 (busier) - Module 5 adds a spitting single-note synth riff to the mix, while the drums add some percussion and get busier; snare and toms fill with some randomized 32nds
Scene 7 (busier) - the organ starts playing an angular melodic line, the drums change percussion, while the synth riff does some bending glides; busy prog-rock snare and toms fill
Scene 8 (busiest) - the KARMA organ is muted, while the LH organ is activated (in other words, you "play" the organ with your LH, by holding chords, in this scene - use A.Sw1 to toggle the fast/slow rotary speaker effect). The synth riff takes over with a fast arpeggiated pattern, and the drums move to open hi-hat from ride; crescendoing snare fill (if you hold the fill button down, you'll eventually get some toms as well)