Ham and Rye 97 BPM - 4/4 Rock Organ
hand diagram
An "experimental" KARMA-inspired Combi utilizing two different drum patterns to create an interesting solid rock groove (one of them running certain elements through an amp simulator), along with a highly rhythmic, chugging KARMA Wavesequence interspersing guitar samples with mallets and other sounds (and which can be varied using Master Layer Sliders 6 & 7). A driving cyclic bass riff keeps things moving, while a cool filter-sweep gated pad enters every 8 beats in the startup scene (and the number of beats to the cycle can be changed with the Master Layer Switch 5). The Fill button triggers a matching snare and toms drum fill with amp simulator, with some different variations in the scenes.

A realistic hammond with overdrive and rotary speaker is provided for rocking out on the top part of the keyboard – use the mod wheel to change from the slow rotary speaker to the fast speed, and A.Sw2 to add vibrato. The LH synth pad has a resonant sweep layer that can be controlled by A.Sw1. Scenes 1 to 7 provide increasing degrees of complexity, while Scene 8 provides a heavy half-time variation courtesy of the "Rhythm Multiplier" switches in the Master Layer.
Left Hand: Synth pad with resonant sweep (A.Sw1)
Right Hand: Hammond organ w/ rotary speaker
(A.Sw2 = vibrato)
Split Points: * B2/C3
Motif Arps/Special Notes
  • Two Motif arps can be added as additional elements: Pads 9 to 12 trigger a cool electric guitar riff, while Pads 13 to 16 trigger a cutting synth trance riff - both of which have ascending scale steps based on the last-played chord and can be layered on top of each other.
  • The LH synth pad has two layered voices - A.Sw1 turns on the resonant sweep - and it is set to be stored on or off in the scenes. For example, it is off in scenes 1 to 3 and on in all the rest. The resonant sweep has a long filter envelope with a slow LFO that will sweep the filter back up and down if you hold it long enough, or use the damper pedal on it.
Pads 1-8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Chord Progression: G Min7 F Maj C Maj Bb Maj A Maj D Maj Eb Maj Ab Maj7
Pads 9-16 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Arp1: Gtr Riff, Arp2: Synth Riff Arp1 (root) Arp1 (2nd) Arp1 (3rd) Arp1 (5th) Arp2 (root) Arp2 (2nd) Arp2 (3rd) Arp2 (5th)
Exclusive: Ex1, Scene Change Ex2, Scene Change
KARMA Module 1 2 3
Instrument: Drums 1 Drums 2 Bass
GE: 04/053 04/029 03/002
GE Name: Pop Dance HipHop Groove 1 Bass Arpeggiator
Category: Drum Drum Bass Pattern
RTC Model: DP1 - Drum/Perc 1 DP1 - Drum/Perc 1 CL1 - Comp/Lead 1
KARMA Module 4 5 6
Instrument: WaveSeq Gated Fill-Drums
GE: 04/084 03/090 04/004
GE Name: Vocoder Perc WS Chopper 2A (every other) Fill-PopRock 3 [s2]
Category: Wavesequence Gated Drum
RTC Model: DM1 - Drum Melodic 1 GC1 - Gated CCs 1 DF1 - Drum Fill 1
RT Controls Modules Name Function
1 2 3 4 5 6
Switch 1: x           Rhythm Multiplier [1] Multiplies the rhythm of Drums 1 by 200% (half-time)
Switch 2:   x         Rhythm Multiplier [2] Multiplies the rhythm of Drums 2 by 200% (half-time)
Switch 3:     x       Rhythm Multiplier [3] Multiplies the rhythm of the Bass by 200% (half-time)
Switch 4:       x     Rhythm Multiplier [4] Multiplies the rhythm of the WavSeq by 200% (half-time)
Switch 5:         x   Time Signature [5] Changes the time signature and transpose pattern of the Gated Synth
Switch 6:     x       Octave [3] Changes the octave of the Bass
Switch 7:       x     Octave [4] Changes the octave of the WavSeq
Switch 8:         x   Octave [5] Changes the octave of the Gated Synth
Slider 1: x x x x x x Rhythm Swing % Varies the swing feel for all six Modules
Slider 2: x x   x     Rhythm Complexity Varies the rhythmic complexity of Drums 1, Drums 2 and the WavSeq
Slider 3:     x x x   Duration Control Varies the length of notes for the Bass, WavSeq, and Gated Synth
Slider 4: x           Percussion Pattern Selects one of many different percussion patterns for Drums 1
Slider 5: x x         Alternate Drum Map Selects one of many alternate mappings for Drums 1 and Drums 2
Slider 6:       x     WaveSeq Randomize [5] Varies the randomization of the WavSeq and which sounds occur
Slider 7:       x     WaveSeq Pattern [5] Selects one of five different waveform patterns for the WavSeq
Slider 8:       x     Pan Pattern [5] Selects one of many different pan patterns for the WavSeq
Wheels Function
Pitch Bends Drums 1 and Drums 2 up or down by 12 semitones
Mod (CC01) Switches the rotary speaker effect from slow to fast for the RH organ - full on = fast, off = slow
Tone 1 Knobs Modules Keyboard IFX/ MFX Controller CC# Function
1 2 3 4 5 6 LH RH
Knob 1:     x x           Filter Cutoff 74 Controls filter cutoff on the Bass and WavSeq
Knob 2:     x x           Resonance 71 Controls resonance on the Bass and WavSeq
Knob 3:       x           AEG Attack 73 Controls amplitude EG attack time on the WavSeq
Knob 4:       x           AEG Decay 75 Controls amplitude EG decay time on the WavSeq
Knob 5:       x           AEG Sustain 31* Controls amplitude EG sustain level on the WavSeq
Knob 6:       x           AEG Release 72 Controls amplitude EG release time on the WavSeq
Knob 7: x x       x x x x Assign 1 16 Controls the amount of reverb on the Drums and Keyboard voices
Knob 8:             x x x Assign 2 17 Controls the amount of delay on the LH/RH Keyboard voices
For an explanation of how these parameters relate to different Yamaha Models, see the Tone 1 Knobs Reference. *AEG Sustain is SysEx for XS/XF (no CC).
Other Controllers Modules Keyboard IFX/ MFX CC# Function
1 2 3 4 5 6 LH RH
A. Switch 1:             x     86 Adds a hi-pass resonant sweep layer to the LH synth pad (stored in scenes)
A. Switch 2:               x   87 Adds vibrato on the RH organ
Ribbon:             x     22 Controls filter cutoff and resonance on the LH synth pad
Damper:             x     64 Latches the LH synth pad
Scenes (Master) Description
Scene 1 (simplest) - funky minimal activity with the focus on the cool KARMA guitar-sample wave-sequencing - suitable for an intro or breakdown; pitch-bending snare fill
Scene 2 (simpler) - energy picks up a bit with the sidestick/ride coming in, and variations on all parts, wave-sequencing switches to piano samples; triplet drum fill
Scene 3 (simpler) - definitely picking up now with a throbbing low bass and backbeat claps on the drums; some cool mallet sounds out of the wave-sequencing; random panning 16th-note toms fill
Scene 4 (startup) - the basic full groove - rock out with your hammond!
Scene 5 (busier) - the drums move to the ride, the bass line inverts direction, the gated synth changes it up, and the pitch-bending snare fill gets busier
Scene 6 (busier) - a bouncier bass line, syncopated back beat and some bending on the wave-sequence pick up the energy some more; 16th note toms fill
Scene 7 (busiest) - opens up with bent notes on the bass, pitch-bending drums, mallets in the wave-seq - and a pitch-bending machine gun snare fill
Scene 8 (half-time) - a heavy half-time variation with open hi-hats courtesy of the Rhythm Multiplier switches in the Master Layer; 16th note toms fill