Machine Serenade 105 BPM - 4/4 Electronica Lead Synth
hand diagram
A KARMA wave-sequenced bass GE takes center stage in this Jean-Michel Jarre-esque Electronica Performance (that somehow goes off into uncharted territory!) Two drum kits, one of them run through distorted effects (Module 1) and the other one straight (Module 2) combine to produce the driving beat, while a heavily-distorted and flanged synth riff chops away and ascending/descending synth bells pierce the mix every few bars (the timing of which can be controlled by Master Layer Switch 5). Instead of the somewhat usual drum fill on Module 6, there's a panning plucky pizzicato synth melodic fill that plays different riffs in the various scenes (you can remove the pan with Master Layer Switch 8).

The RH synth lead can be turned into a 4ths variation with A.Sw2, while its phaser effect can be varied with A.Sw1 - and be sure to hold Pads 1 to 8 or your LH keyboard chords down when triggering chords to get the full effect of the sweeping synth pad in the LH area. And listen out for Scene 8, which provides a heavy half-time variation.
Left Hand: HPF sweeping synth pad
Right Hand: Analog synth lead (mono) w/phaser
A.Sw1 = phaser effect variation
A.Sw2 = add fourth below
Split Points: * B2/C3
Motif Arps/Special Notes
  • Two Motif arps can be added as additional elements: Pads 9 to 12 trigger a cool modulated synth lead, while Pads 13 to 16 trigger a techno attack chords phrase - both of which have ascending scale steps based on the last-played chord and shut each other off, courtesy of the Chord Trigger exclusives - try alternating between them, for example, Pad 9 and Pad 13.
  • When not in Remote Mode (i.e. in Song Mode), Tone 1 Knob 8 adds beat-synchronized delay to everything - turn far right for an extreme effect.
Pads 1-8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Chord Progression: A Min E Min G Maj D Min F Maj C Min Eb Maj Bb Min
Pads 9-16 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Arp1: Syn Lead, Arp2: Techno Arp1 (root) Arp1 (2nd) Arp1 (3rd) Arp1 (4th) Arp2 (root) Arp2 (2nd) Arp2 (3rd) Arp2 (4th)
Exclusive: Ex1, Scene Change
KARMA Module 1 2 3
Instrument: Drums 1 Drums 2 Bass-WS
GE: 04/017 04/072 04/087
GE Name: Funk Degree Studio R&B WaveSeq 2 Mono (Ind.Phases)
Category: Drum Drum Wavesequence
RTC Model: DP1 - Drum/Perc 1 DP1 - Drum/Perc 1 WS2 - Wave Seq 2
KARMA Module 4 5 6
Instrument: Synth Riff Bells Fill-Riff
GE: 03/080 02/011 01/070
GE Name: Techno Line 4 Slow Half Notes Fill-Pizzicato Arp
Category: Bass Pattern Melodic Arpeggio
RTC Model: GV1 - Gated Vel/Pat 1 CL1 - Comp/Lead 1 CL1 - Comp/Lead 1
RT Controls Modules Name Function
1 2 3 4 5 6
Switch 1: x           Rhythm Multiplier [1] Multiplies the rhythm of Drums 1 by 200% (half-time)
Switch 2:   x         Rhythm Multiplier [2] Multiplies the rhythm of Drums 2 by 200% (half-time)
Switch 3:     x       Rhythm Multiplier [3] Multiplies the rhythm of the Bass by 200% (half-time)
Switch 4:       x     Rhythm Multiplier [4] Multiplies the rhythm of the Synth Riff by 200% (half-time)
Switch 5:         x   Time Signature [5] Changes the time signature of the Bells from 4/4 to 8/4
Switch 6:     x       Octave [3] Changes the octave of the Bass
Switch 7:       x     Note Pattern [4] Changes the note and rhythm pattern of the Synth Riff
Switch 8:           x Pan On/Off [6] Turns panning on and off for the Fill
Slider 1: x x x x x x Rhythm Swing % Varies the swing feel for all six Modules
Slider 2: x x         Rhythm Complexity Varies the rhythmic complexity of both Drum Modules
Slider 3:     x x x x Duration Control Varies the length of notes for the Bass, Synth Riff, Bells and Fill
Slider 4:     x x   x Velocity Accents Varies the level of certain notes for the Bass, Synth Riff and Fill
Slider 5: x x         Alternate Drum Map Selects one of many alternate mappings for both Drum Modules
Slider 6:     x       Waveform Select [3] Changes the waveforms for certain steps (rows) of the Bass wave-seq pattern
Slider 7:     x       Waveform Select [3] Changes the waveforms for other steps (rows) of the Bass wave-seq pattern
Slider 8:           x Note Pattern [6] Selects one of many note patterns for the Fill
Wheels Function
Pitch Bend on the RH synth lead
Mod (CC01) Vibrato on the RH synth lead
Tone 1 Knobs Modules Keyboard IFX/ MFX Controller CC# Function
1 2 3 4 5 6 LH RH
Knob 1:       x           Filter Cutoff 74 Controls filter cutoff on the Synth Riff
Knob 2:       x           Resonance 71 Controls resonance on the Synth Riff
Knob 3:               x   AEG Attack 73 Controls amplitude EG attack time on the RH synth lead
Knob 4:               x   AEG Decay 75 Controls amplitude EG decay time on the RH synth lead
Knob 5:               x   AEG Sustain 31* Controls amplitude EG sustain level on the RH synth lead
Knob 6:               x   AEG Release 72 Controls amplitude EG release time on the RH synth lead
Knob 7: x x   x         x Assign 1 16 Controls the amount of reverb on both Drum Modules, and the amount of the flanger effect on the Synth Riff
Knob 8: x x x x x x x x x Assign 2 17 Controls the amount of delay on everything
For an explanation of how these parameters relate to different Yamaha Models, see the Tone 1 Knobs Reference. *AEG Sustain is SysEx for XS/XF (no CC).
Other Controllers Modules Keyboard IFX/ MFX CC# Function
1 2 3 4 5 6 LH RH
A. Switch 1:               x x 86 Increases the speed and feedback settings of the RH synth lead phaser effect
A. Switch 2:               x   87 Adds a second element to the RH synth lead down a fourth
Ribbon:     x x           22 Controls filter cutoff and resonance on the Bass and the Synth Riff (mostly effective to the left side)
Damper:             x     64 Latches the LH synth pad
Scenes (Master) Description
Scene 1 (simplest) - pitch-bending percussion and hi-hats, simple open parts on bass and synth, single pitch-bending bell notes; syncopated pitch-bending descending melodic fill
Scene 2 (simpler) - activity picks up with a full groove on drums 2, pitch-bending perc and hi-hats on drums 1, long pitch-bending bells, rapid stutters on the synth riff, simple open single note bass line; randomesque 16th-note melodic fill
Scene 3 (simpler) - both drum grooves to the sidestick and ride, wave-seq bass with short durations, cascading bell glissandos, choppy flanged 16th-note synth; climbing pitch-bending 8th-note melodic fill
Scene 4 (startup) - the basic full groove; descending 16th-note melodic fill
Scene 5 (busier) - drums 1 changes to much heavier groove, the wave-seq bass throbs on dotted-eights, bells add dotted-eighth repeats, synth does a chopping 16ths variation; descending 16th triplet melodic fill
Scene 6 (busier) - both drums to the bell-ride and snare, the wave-seq bass adds panning and rapid sound changes while playing 16th notes, 8th notes synth variation, ascending/descending 16th note bells; ascending 16th triplet melodic fill
Scene 7 (busiest) - arpeggiated pitch-bend and buzzy delays on drums 2, the bass opens up a hole every other measure into which 32nd note randomized bells pour, long bending synth chord; 32nd note ascending fill
Scene 8 (half-time) - heavy alternate groove courtesy of the rhythm multipliers on the drums, bass and synth, heavy pitch-bending on the flanged synth, up/down bell riffs, chattering descending melodic fill