Rock Anthem Sketcher 90 BPM - 4/4 Rock Lead Synth
hand diagram
This mid-tempo "Anthemic" Rock Performance emulates the sound of a rock band playing "classic" rock live in a stadium setting, providing you with a kind of "Epic-Rock Song Sketchpad" as an aid to songwriting/composition. Consisting of a heavy and solid 4/4 rock drum groove with open hi-hats and subtle kick and snare randomization, a simple fingered rock electric bass guitar pattern playing straight 8ths, a "chugging/shredding" rock power-chord guitar pattern, a finger-picked, slightly overdriven clean guitar arpeggio with random notes, and an analog synth arpeggio pattern which emulates the quick-bowed analog synth violins heard on much of The Who's classic rock album "Quadrophenia". The Fill button triggers a suitably rocked out snare and thundering toms fill with variations in the scenes.

The LH/KARMA area provides a rock organ with rotary speaker (A.Sw1 changes the speed), while the RH area has two different mono synth leads for soloing, controlled by A.Sw2: a bright detuned saw lead, and a darker filter-sweep fourths lead.- you'll find the setting is stored in the scenes such that the odd-numbered scenes have the saw lead, while the even-numbered scenes have the fourths lead. Some very different scene variations are provided, especially in the earlier scenes, and listen out for Scene 7 which brings us into "Brit-Rock" territory of the likes of Coldplay & Snow Patrol with its tom-tom drum groove and "wall of sound" guitars, and Scene 8 with its heavy half-time groove.
Left Hand: Organ (A.Sw1 = fast rotary speaker)
Right Hand: Bright detuned saw lead (A.Sw2 = off)
Filter-sweep fourths lead (A.Sw2 = on)
Split Points: * B2/C3
Motif Arps/Special Notes
  • Two Motif arps can be added as additional elements: Pads 9 to 12 trigger a simple quarter-note synth chord, while Pads 13 to 16 trigger a syncopated trance riff - both of which have ascending scale steps based on the last-played chord and shut each other off, courtesy of the Chord Trigger exclusives - try alternating between them, for example, Pad 9 and Pad 13 (especially in some of the simpler scenes).
  • You can store which lead sound you want to use in each scene because the "Assignable Switches In Scenes" checkbox is on under A.Sw2 in the Real-Time Controls Editor - turn this off to make the choice a manual operation that sticks across scene changes.
  • MOX only: Due to the MOX having only 64 notes of polyphony (the MOXF, XS, and XF have 128 notes), you may notice polyphony issues with this Performance depending on how it is played (especially when using the Motif arps layered on top).
Pads 1-8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Chord Progression: D Min Bb Maj/D F Maj/C C Maj G Min7 F Maj/A A Sus4 A Maj
Pads 9-16 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Arp1: Chords, Arp2: Trance Arp1 (root) Arp1 (2nd) Arp1 (3rd) Arp1 (4th) Arp2 (root) Arp2 (2nd) Arp2 (3rd) Arp2 (4th)
Exclusive: Ex1, Scene Change
KARMA Module 1 2 3
Instrument: Drums Bass Guitar-Dist
GE: 04/067 03/061 01/113
GE Name: Rock Solid Rockin' 8ths E.Bass Chuggin' Pwr Gtr
Category: Drum Bass Pattern Melodic
RTC Model: DP1 - Drum/Perc 1 GV1 - Gated Vel/Pat 1 GV1 - Gated Vel/Pat 1
KARMA Module 4 5 6
Instrument: Guitar-Elec Synth Fill-Drums
GE: 02/103 01/090 03/123
GE Name: E.Gtr Phrase 2 Quadrophenia Strings 1 Fill-PopRock 2 [k1s*]
Category: Pick Arpeggio Drum
RTC Model: CL1 - Comp/Lead 1 GV1 - Gated Vel/Pat 1 DF1 - Drum Fill 1
RT Controls Modules Name Function
1 2 3 4 5 6
Switch 1: x           Rhythm Multiplier [1] Multiplies the rhythm of the Drums by 200% (half-time)
Switch 2:   x         Rhythm Multiplier [2] Multiplies the rhythm of the Bass by 200% (half-time)
Switch 3:     x       Rhythm Multiplier [3] Multiplies the rhythm of the Guitar-Dist by 50% (double-time)
Switch 4:       x     Rhythm Multiplier [4] Multiplies the rhythm of the Guitar-Elec by 200% (half-time)
Switch 5:         x   Rhythm Multiplier [5] Multiplies the rhythm of the Synth by 200% (half-time)
Switch 6:     x       Time Signature [3] Changes the time signature of the Guitar-Dist from 4/4 to 1/4, and lengthens the durations to provide an alternate phrase
Switch 7:       x     Octave [4] Transposes the octave of the Guitar-Elec
Switch 8:         x   Octave [5] Transposes the octave of the Synth
Slider 1: x x x x x x Rhythm Swing % Varies the swing feel for all six Modules
Slider 2: x x x   x   Rhythm Complexity Varies the rhythmic activity of the Drums, Bass, Guitar-Dist and Synth
Slider 3:   x x x x   Duration Control Varies the length of notes for the Bass, Guitar-Dist, Guitar-Elec and Synth
Slider 4:   x x   x   Velocity Accents Varies the velocity levels of certain notes for the Bass, Guitar-Dist and Synth
Slider 5: x           Alternate Drum Map Selects one of many alternate mappings for the Drums
Slider 6: x           Percussion Pattern Selects one of many percussion patterns for the Drums
Slider 7:       x     Time Signature [4] Varies the time signature of the Guitar-Elec from 1/4 to 8/4, achieving phrases of different lengths
Slider 8:         x   Note Pattern [5] Selects one of many rhythm and note patterns for the Synth
Wheels Function
Pitch Bend on the RH synth lead
Mod (CC01) Vibrato on the RH synth lead
Tone 1 Knobs Modules Keyboard IFX/ MFX Controller CC# Function
1 2 3 4 5 6 LH RH
Knob 1:               x   Filter Cutoff 74 Controls filter cutoff on the RH synth voices
Knob 2:               x   Resonance 71 Controls resonance on the RH synth voices
Knob 3:     x x           AEG Attack 73 Controls amplitude EG attack time on the Guitars
Knob 4:     x x           AEG Decay 75 Controls amplitude EG decay time on the Guitars
Knob 5:     x x           AEG Sustain 31* Controls amplitude EG sustain level on the Guitars
Knob 6:     x x           AEG Release 72 Controls amplitude EG release time on the Guitars
Knob 7: x         x     x Assign 1 16 Controls the amount of reverb on the Drums and Fill
Knob 8:               x x Assign 2 17 Controls the amount of delay on the RH synth voices
For an explanation of how these parameters relate to different Yamaha Models, see the Tone 1 Knobs Reference. *AEG Sustain is SysEx for XS/XF (no CC).
Other Controllers Modules Keyboard IFX/ MFX CC# Function
1 2 3 4 5 6 LH RH
A. Switch 1:             x   x 86 Activates the fast speed of the rotary speaker effect on the LH organ
A. Switch 2:               x   87 Changes the RH lead synth from a bright detuned saw lead to a darker filter-sweep fourths lead (stored in scenes)
Ribbon:               x   22 Controls filter cutoff and resonance on the RH synth lead
Damper:             x     64 Latches the LH organ
Scenes (Master) Description
Scene 1 (simplest) - shakers, sparse short bass notes, short chops on gtr-dist, short echoing notes on gtr-elec, comping and arpeggiating synth part; high-pitched sparse fill with fast delays
Scene 2 (simpler) - shakers and tambourine, sparse short bass notes, single-note patterns on both guitars, three-notes on synth with space; panning and pitch-bending snare and toms fill
Scene 3 (simpler) - kick and open hi-hats (no snare), straight quarter-note bass, doubled choppy notes on gtr-elec, comping on gtr-dst, repeating 3-note motif on synth; panning and pitch-bending snare and toms fill ending in vibraslap
Scene 4 (simpler) - kick, sidestick and closed hi-hat groove, syncopated 8ths on bass, doubled open notes on the gtr-elec, comping on the gtr-dst, reggae-like comping on synth; straight snare and toms fill
Scene 5 (startup) - the basic full groove, snare and open hi-hats, straight 8th note bass; straight snare and toms fill
Scene 6 (busier) - hi-hats go to the ride, bass goes to a 16th note variation, gtr-elec plays open root-fifth-octave, gtr-dist plays choppier, synth plays L/R chords; busier snare and toms fill
Scene 7 (busiest) - hi-hats go to toms a driving tom-tom beat, bass back to 8ths, gtr-dist also straight 8ths, gtr-elec jumps up an octave from previous scene, synth goes back to startup variation; syncopated snare and toms fill
Scene 8 (half-time/breakdown) - a heavy half-time variation courtesy of the Rhythm Multipliers, arpeggiated pitch-bending on the drums and perc; 3-note motif on the gtr-elec, pitch-bending on the gtr-dst; heavy triplet toms and snare fill