Factory Bank 1        (click column titles to sort)
NumberPerformance/Song NameStyleCategory
1 Industrial Strength Rock/Industrial Lead Synth
2 The Acid Test Acid/Trance Lead Synth
3 The Funk that Hopped Hip-Hop/Funk Keyboard
4 Four Guitars 4U Pop/Rock Guitar/Plucked
5 The Snowflake Ballet Orchestral Woodwind/Reed
6 Tangs in the 80's Electronic/Pop Lead Synth
7 All Funked Up Hip-Hop/Funk Lead Synth
8 The Royal SHAMisen R&B/World Woodwind/Reed
9 Home of the Rave Euro-Techno Fast Synth
10 Homage to Hillage Pop/Rock/New Age Keyboard
11 1985 Electro Lead Synth
12 Urban Raindrops Hip-Hop/R&B Strings
13 Drifting Phantoms Ambient/Trance Lead Synth
14 Phil's Fave Pop Ballad Keyboard
15 Old Skool Trip Hip-Hop Lead Synth
16 Remember the Future Pop/Rock Guitar/Plucked
17 Chart Climber Pop/R&B Strings
18 The Fox in the Nursery Pop/Rock/Acoustic Woodwind/Reed
19 Euro-Stomper Techno/Trance Lead Synth
20 Chill da Funk Funk/Electronic Lead Synth
21 Songwriter's Canvas Pop/Rock Guitar/Plucked
22 Motor City Redux Motown Brass
23 Space-Junk Funk Funk-Rock/Pop Lead Synth
24 12 Bars, Drunk Again Rock/Blues Keyboard
25 Hidden Connections Euro-Trance Lead Synth
26 Days of Fusion 70's Jazz-Rock/Fusion Lead Synth
27 Sine Of The Times Ambient/Electronica Lead Synth
28 Loverz R&B Hip-Hop/R&B Keyboard
29 Slap In Yo Face Funk/Industrial Lead Synth
30 Rebirth of the Cool Jazz-Traditional Woodwind/Reed
31 Darkness Falls Hip-Hop Lead Synth
32 Zed Lep Lin Blues Rock/Blues Guitar/Plucked
33 On Gossamer Wings Trance/Chill-Out Woodwind/Reed
34 HouseMeister Euro-House Lead Synth
35 Sunset in Cyberville Electronica Lead Synth
36 At An Exhibition Rock/Progressive Lead Synth
37 R&B with a Sting R&B Lead Synth
38 Glam-Pop Shuffle 70's Pop Lead Synth
39 Prism Garden Electronica/Trance Lead Synth
40 Can't Stop Da Nod UK Garage/House Keyboard
41 Ethnolo-G Hip-Hop/World Lead Synth
42 Tape-Head Techno Techno/Electro Lead Synth
43 Heatwave 2012 Electronic/Pop Woodwind/Reed
44 Hot Nights In Havana Latin Brass
45 Rock Anthem Sketcher Rock Lead Synth
46 Strawberry Hop Hip-Hop Lead Synth
47 Trev & Seal Pop/Rock/R&B Keyboard
48 A Distant Mirage World/Ethnic Woodwind/Reed
49 Tekno-Logik Euro-Techno Lead Synth
50 Upward Spiral Jazz-Smooth Woodwind/Reed
51 Ham and Rye Rock Organ
52 Dusty Old Circuits Electronica Lead Synth
53 Cosmic Strut Techno/Pop Slow Synth
54 Pizzi-Trip Hip-Hop Lead Synth
55 Synthorchestra Disko Electronica/Disco Lead Synth
56 Rigby Quartet Pop/Orchestral Woodwind/Reed
57 Klub Europa Euro-Dance Lead Synth
58 Face 2 Face R&B Lead Synth
59 Look to the Stars Euro-Techno/Trance Fast Synth
60 Choreography! Pop/Dance Lead Synth
61 Machine Serenade Electronica Lead Synth
62 Diva's Delight Pop/R&B Lead Synth
63 Electronic Cafe Electronica Lead Synth
64 Rise of the Robots Electronic/Pop Fast Synth