Tubes n' Stacks 120 BPM - 4/4 Rock/Classic Guitar/Plucked
hand diagram
This up-tempo Classic Hard Rock Performance takes its influence from British rock band Deep Purple and their driving "balls to the wall" retro rock style much loved by fans of "Classic Rock" music. It consists of a solid heavy rock drum groove with open hats and shakers, a driving electric bass guitar pattern doing 16ths, a rocking electric guitar riff which loosely mirrors the bassline, a crunchy and distorted comping organ pattern with subtle rhythm randomization (and rotary speaker speed on A.Sw1), and a busy Moog style synth-lead arpeggio with rapid KARMA panning (heard in most scenes except the wake-up Scene 5, where it is muted by default). The Fill button offers a thundering rock snare and/or toms fill with different variations in the scenes to round out the band.

The LH/KARMA Input area provides a thick analog strings pad that nicely fills out the mix, while two different soloing sounds are provided for the RH courtesy of A.Sw2: an expressive lead guitar patch (mono) with a heavy vintage tube/stack speaker distortion effect (A.Sw2 = off) and a distorted* rock organ (poly) with percussion and rotary speaker on the mod wheel (A.Sw2 = on). In this Performance, the A.Switches are not set to be stored in the scenes, so they can be freely toggled on and off at any time without scene changes affecting them - so you'll find the lead guitar in all scenes. Listen out for Scene 8 which transforms the Performance into a kind of Dub-Reggae from hell!
Left Hand: Distorted lead guitar (mono) (A.Sw = off)
Distorted rock organ (poly) (A.Sw2 = on)
Right Hand: Analog strings pad
Split Points: * B2/C3
Motif Arps/Special Notes
  • Two Motif arps can be added as additional elements: Pads 9 to 12 trigger a wah-effected* electric guitar lick (panned left), while Pads 13 to 16 trigger a comping electric piano pattern (panned right) - both of which have ascending scale steps based on the last-played chord and can be layered on top of each other.
  • If you'd like the scene changes to change the lead sound, turn on the "Assignable Switches In Scenes" checkbox under A.Sw2 in the Real-Time Controls page.

  • *Some effects not available on MOX version due to IFX limitations.
Pads 1-8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Chord Progression: C Min G Min Bb Maj F Min Eb Maj Bb Maj/D F Min/Ab G Sus4
Pads 9-16 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Arp1: Wah Gtr, Arp2: E.Piano Arp1 (root) Arp1 (2nd) Arp1 (3rd) Arp1 (4th) Arp2 (root) Arp2 (2nd) Arp2 (3rd) Arp2 (4th)
Exclusive: Ex1, Scene Change Ex2, Scene Change
KARMA Module 1 2 3
Instrument: Drums/Perc Bass Guitar
GE: 05/090 05/068 05/051
GE Name: Basic Rock 2 Rock Bass 16ths 2 Rock Chug Gtr 1
Category: Drum Bass Pattern Pick
RTC Model: DP1 - Drum/Perc 1 DM1 - Drum Melodic 1 DM1 - Drum Melodic 1
KARMA Module 4 5 6
Instrument: Organ Synth Fill-Drums
GE: 05/035 05/019 03/124
GE Name: Rockin' Organ Trance Arp Fill-PopRock 2 [s*]
Category: Chord Rhythmic Harmonic (Poly) Drum
RTC Model: CL1 - Comp/Lead 1 GV1 - Gated Vel/Pat 1 DF1 - Drum Fill 1
RT Controls Modules Name Function
1 2 3 4 5 6
Switch 1: x           Rhythm Multiplier [1] Multiplies the rhythm of the Drums/Perc by 200% (half-time)
Switch 2:   x         Rhythm Multiplier [2] Multiplies the rhythm of the Bass by 200% (half-time)
Switch 3:     x       Rhythm Multiplier [3] Multiplies the rhythm of the Guitar by 200% (half-time)
Switch 4:     x       Time Signature [3] Changes the time signature of the Guitar from 4/4 to 16/4, lengthening the phrase
Switch 5:       x     Note Voicing [4] Switches the voicing of the Organ chords from closed to open
Switch 6:         x   Rhythm Multiplier [5] Multiplies the rhythm of the Synth by 200% (half-time)
Switch 7:       x     Octave [4] Transposes the octave of the Organ
Switch 8:         x   Octave [5] Transposes the octave of the Synth
Slider 1: x x x x x x Rhythm Swing % Varies the swing feel for all six Modules
Slider 2: x x x   x   Rhythm Complexity Varies the rhythm complexity for the Drums/Perc, Bass, Guitar and Synth
Slider 3:   x x x x   Duration Control Varies the length of notes for the Bass, Guitar, Organ and Synth
Slider 4:   x x   x   Velocity Accents Varies the level of certain notes for the Bass, Guitar and Synth
Slider 5: x           Alternate Drum Map Selects one of many alternate mappings for the Drums/Perc
Slider 6: x           Percussion Pattern Selects one of many different percussion patterns for the Drums/Perc
Slider 7:     x       Rhythm Pattern [3] Selects one of many different rhythm patterns for the Guitar
Slider 8:         x   Pattern Select [5] Selects one of many different rhythm and note patterns for the Synth
Wheels Function
Pitch Bend on the RH lead sounds
Mod (CC01) Controls vibrato when the RH guitar lead is selected, and controls the rotary speaker speed (vibrato on MOX version) when the RH organ sound is selected
Tone 1 Knobs Modules Keyboard IFX/ MFX Controller CC# Function
1 2 3 4 5 6 LH RH
Knob 1:     x             Filter Cutoff 74 Controls filter cutoff on the Guitar (use w/ Knob 2)
Knob 2:     x             Resonance 71 Controls resonance on the Guitar (use w/ Knob 1)
Knob 3:   x x             AEG Attack 73 Controls amplitude EG attack time on the Bass and Guitar
Knob 4:   x x             AEG Decay 75 Controls amplitude EG decay time on the Bass and Guitar
Knob 5:   x x             AEG Sustain 31* Controls amplitude EG sustain level on the Bass and Guitar
Knob 6:   x x             AEG Release 72 Controls amplitude EG release time on the Bass and Guitar
Knob 7: x     x   x   x x Assign 1 16 Controls the amount of reverb on the Drums/Perc, Organ, Fill-Drums and RH lead sounds
Knob 8:               x x Assign 2 17 Controls the amount of delay on the RH lead sounds
For an explanation of how these parameters relate to different Yamaha Models, see the Tone 1 Knobs Reference. *AEG Sustain is SysEx for XS/XF (no CC).
Other Controllers Modules Keyboard IFX/ MFX CC# Function
1 2 3 4 5 6 LH RH
A. Switch 1:       x         x 86 Toggles the rotary speaker fast/slow effect on the KARMA Organ (Module 4)
A. Switch 2:               x   87 Switches the RH lead between two different sounds (not stored in scenes):
off = distorted guitar lead (mono), on = rock organ (poly)
Ribbon:               x   22 Controls filter cutoff on the RH lead guitar and volume on the RH organ
Damper:             x     64 Latches the LH analog string pad
Scenes (Master) Description
Scene 1 (simplest) - congas with pitch-bend provide the backdrop as the synth takes center stage with a climbing chopping riff, sparse root and fifth on the bass with a lot of space, single chopped chord on the guitar, sparse fifths on the organ; sparse high-pitched fill with tight repeats
Scene 2 (simpler) - perc switches to shakers while the bass gets a little busier on the root/fifth, the guitar doubles up on the chopped chord, the organ takes the focus with a climbing echoing figure while the synth plays a simple arpeggio; high-pitched snare and toms fill with panning
Scene 3 (simpler) - kick and hi-hats are added while the bass gets busier and plays off the 7th, the guitar takes focus with a busy chopping rhythmic figure, the organ plays off-beat comping chords and the synth plays an echoing reptitive chord; snare and toms fill with panning and pitch-bend envelope
Scene 4 (simpler) - a more open version of the startup scene 6 with closed hi-hats, more space in the bass and guitar which compliment each other well, off-beat organ chords and a muted synth riff variation; quarter-note snare and tom fill with 16th-note repeats
Scene 5 (simpler) - drums on the sidestick instead of snare with open hi-hat and congas, bass and guitar play complimentary rock figures while the synth plays an octaves motif showing off portamento; triplet 8th-note toms fill - be sure to trigger on the beat!
Scene 6 (startup) - the full hard-rocking groove with slamming drums and open hi-hat, throbbing 8th-note bass, chugging guitar chords, and comping distorted organ chords (the synth arpeggio is muted in this scene); straight slamming snare and toms fill
Scene 7 (busier) - drums go to the ride bell and add percussion, bassmoves to a more walking pattern, guitar chords switch to an angular variation, organ plays wider voiced chords, and the synth is added with a syncopated figure; thundering syncopated snare and toms fill
Scene 8 (breakdown) - a wild variation with half-time drums with pitch-bend, a bass line with some syncopated open spaces, dive-bombing guitar chords, jittering organ chords, and a sustained synth line; 16th-note triplet thundering toms fill with an upwards pitch bend envelope