The entire current set of documentation for KARMA M50 Software (manual and tutorials) is provided with the program when you purchase it. It is also provided here for prospective customers and interested parties who have not yet purchased the software. And as new tutorials are released, registered owners can download them here as well.

KARMA M50 Help (Manual)

This is a PDF version of the online manual. It is bookmarked according to chapters, but most of the links are not implemented - it is mainly intended for searching and printing. The online version that you open from inside the program has working links and is extensively cross-referenced.

KARMA M50 Help 2.2.11

KARMA M50 Tutorials

These tutorials are included with the application, but new ones will be added here as they become available. They are PDF (acrobat) documents - click to open in your browser if your browser supports it, otherwise, right-click (Windows) or ctrl-click (Mac) to download the file to your computer.

Controlling KARMA M50 from the M50's Control Surface 04-Sep-2011

Explains how to set up the M50 and KM50 so that the M50 Control Surface controls KM50's Real-Time Controls Window, and so that selecting Programs and Combis in the M50 select the corresponding Performances in KM50.

Creating GEs with the Import To GE Editor 09-Jun-2015

Explains how to import MIDI phrases from .MID files, and turn them instantly into GEs, which can then be twisted into countless variations using all of the regular KARMA features.

Editing and Merging a Combi 04-Sep-2011

Explains how to do a number of edits to the KARMA settings in KM50, edit the same combi in the M50, and combine the two sets of edits into one and get it back into the M50.

Understanding the KDF File 04-Sep-2011

Explains the internal structure of the KDF File (KM50's document format), and how it relates to the PCG Data (Programs/Combis) in the M50. This should be read along with the above tutorial on merging.

Importing your own PCG Data 04-Sep-2011

Explains how to import your own banks of Combis and Programs (or third party banks) into a KDF File for use in KM50.