Electronic Musician’s
Editor’s Choice 2002

Best Synthesizer - Keyboard, Digital

Based on the synthesis engine of the best-selling Triton, the Korg Karma adds real-time pattern-generating and MIDI-processing muscle that dazzles nearly everyone who touches one. The Karma’s complex dynamic algorithms respond to what you play, as you play, by altering tempo, timbre, chord structure, rhythmic density, and dozens of other parameters to produce new riffs, rhythms, and musical effects.
The result is an instrument combining the playability and trimbral prowess of a keyboard workstation with the creative interactivity of a groove machine. The Karma is one of the first instruments that collaborates with players to create music in real time. Its collection of Generated Effects transforms performances with more than 400 variable parameters. Hands-on controls provide instant access to 16 simultaneous parameters that most synths don’t offer. Korg’s voicing professionals created hundreds of sounds that maximize Karma’s response to what you play and how you play it.
Like the Triton, the Karma is fully expandable, with two slots for PCM-EXB expansion boards and another for an EXB-MOSS card. The Karma lacks the Triton’s large touch-screen LCD and sampling capabilities, but with triple the Triton’s processing power, the Karma responds to a slew of performance gestures. All of that technology enables players to execute more authentic arpeggios, realistic rolls, bodacious bass lines, and finer fingerpicking and strumming patterns thatn they can normally muster with just two hands.
With its evocative sounds and groundbreaking playability, the Karma blazes a trail for future instruments.

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