KARMA Perfect Guide

The “Perfect Guide” was created by Korg Inc., Japan, and originally included in the April 2001 Issue of Keyboard Magazine (Japan) - they have kindly provided an English Translation.

Examples you can try
• PROGRAM B053 “Funkin’ Guitar” (Track 01)
       Track01.mp3 - 828k

        This is funky guitar chording with a wide range of uses ranging from vocal R&B to fusion instrumentals. When you hold down a chord in the low-mid range of the keyboard, the instrument will generate a backing phrase consisting of muted notes on the low strings and chording on the high strings. Of course, the sound will change depending on the chord. Pay special attention to the subtle use of muted and open strings. Using two separate sounds in this way is difficult when playing manually, but is something that KARMA makes easy!
       While you play, gradually turn the K.RTC knob 6 from the far left toward the right. As you turn the knob, more variations will occur in the chording, shifting to a more flamboyant style.Then try turning knob 7 from left to right. The muted notes on the lower strings that were single notes until now will change to multiple notes or chords. The knobs are not the only controls available - you can use the buttons as well. When you turn on switch 1, an LPF with resonance will be applied, and the chording will sound like a wah pedal is being used. At this time, turn knob 4 toward the left and the velocity will change randomly, producing a tasteful accompaniment that includes ghost tones.

• PROGRAM E004 “Spanish Gtr C6->” (Track 02)
       Track02.mp3 - 500k

       Beautiful acoustic guitar arpeggios - the effect will start when you play a chord in the mid-range of the keyboard, and will end with a natural ritardando when you release your hand from the keyboard.
       A unique point of this program is that it can be controlled in various ways from the keyboard. Keep holding down the chord (or press the LATCH button), and play a key several times in the range of C6 or higher. Each time you play the key, an additional note will be generated in the arpeggio, letting you play an arpeggio with just one finger! While continuing to hold down the chord, now try raising the pitch bender (joystick). The first half of the arpeggio will be generated as you raise the bender, and the second half as you return the bender. In this way, you can control a variety of arpeggios and chord strums.
       It goes without saying that this program can also be controlled using the K.RTC knobs. Turning switch 2 on/off will change the order of the individual notes of the arpeggio, and knob 6 will modify the voicing of the arpeggio. You can create a wide range of variations simply by combining these two. Such a range of possibilities for the same arpeggio should make it clear that KARMA is vastly more powerful than a conventional arpeggiator.

• PROGRAM A025 “Trumpet Vel/-Y” (Track 03)
       Track03.mp3 - 548k

       This is a solo trumpet with the rich brass tone typical of KORG. The way that you play this program will control how KARMA generates phrases. First, play a chord somewhere below middle C. Nothing should happen yet. Now play a single note above middle C. If you play strongly, KARMA will begin generating a phrase, and if you play softly, the automatic generation will stop and you will be able to play conventionally. The phrase that is automatically generated at this time will correspond to the chord that you played earlier.
       Of course if you play a different chord while the phrase is being generated, the phrase will change correspondingly. In this patch, some very cool chords have been registered to the four CHORD TRIGGERS keys located below the K.RTC knobs, letting you generate interesting phrases simply by pressing these keys while KARMA does its stuff.
       K.RTC knobs 5 and 6 are particularly effective. Raising knob 5 will create arpeggio-like phrases that have broader jumps in pitch, while lowering it will produce step-wise phrases with fewer jumps in pitch. Raising knob 6 will make phrases with more trills and tremolo. This program can be controlled not only by the knobs, but also in subtle and natural ways by the way in which you play it.

• COMBINATION A-000 “=Voice Of KARMA=”
       Track04.mp3 - 808k

       The "Combination" is probably familiar to you from other KORG synths. It lets you instantly select a set of up to eight Programs and play them multi-timbrally. A combination can use up to four KARMA modules simultaneously, making it possible to generate a multi-part ensemble that really unleashes the power of the Karma Music Workstation.
       This combination is a worthy example of KARMA's potential.
First play a chord in the area below middle C. Even a single note will produce interesting results, but let's try playing a chord. The notes you play will sound as a chordal pad, and a complex ensemble with percussion, bass, arpeggiator, and voice will sound as well. Keys above middle C are assigned to a thick monophonic lead synth typical of KORG, so you can play a solo in the right hand.
       Moving K.RTC knob 1 from left to right will shift the percussion from primarily marking time on metallic percussion instruments to more complex phrases that include strikes on various drums. The bass part is modified by knob 2. When this knob is turned to the far left, only a couple of notes will be heard every few measures. The number of notes will increase as the knob is turned toward the right, and when the knob is in the far right position, the bass will be playing virtually continuous 16th notes.
       Notice the interesting voice that shifts between vowels in a complex way. Turning knob 5 toward the right will increase the complexity of the rhythm, producing patterns that sound like detailed fills. Another voice plays a sine-wave-like arpeggio for which knob 7 controls the speed and switch 1 turns it on/off. Finally, you can pull the joystick all the way toward yourself to reset all parts to the first beat, for quick DJ-like retriggerings of the groove.

Sound Demo

Created by Taiki Imaizumi (Korg Japan Voicing Department).

• Track 5 - Simple Arp example
       Track05.mp3 - 572k
Controller Time Effect
Knob 0:00:00 Duration shorter
Switch 0:00:07 Portamento On
Knob 0:00:16 Widen upper Note range
Switch 0:00:25 Enable attack time control

• Track 6 - Phrase example (Synth Bass)
       Track06.mp3 - 656k
Controller Time Effect
Knob 0:00:08 Syncopation change
Knob 0:00:15 Duration shorter & longer
Knob 0:00:23 Note Octave Range
Switch 0:00:30 Bend On

• Track 7 - CC control example
       Track07.mp3 - 448k
Controller Time Effect
Knobs Flanger depth/speed control

• Track 8 - Acoustic Piano Performance
       Track08.mp3 - 652k
Controller Time Effect
After Touch 0:00:03 After Touch makes Arpeggio start
Knob 0:00:16 Arpeggio Speed
Knob 0:00:26 Arpeggio Phrase change

• Track 9 - Acoustic Guitar Performance
       Track09.mp3 - 628k
(some area of KBD is for chord recognition, other area is for Picking)
Controller Time Effect
0:00:00 Starts from Auto Arpeggio
Right Hand 0:00:11 Manual Finger Triggering (one note=picking)
Right Hand 0:00:19 Manual Finger Triggering (several notes=strumming)
Joy Stick +Y 0:00:30 Auto triggering by Joy Stick

• Track 10 - Harp Performance
       Track10.mp3 - 532k
Controller Time Effect
0:00:00 Starts from Auto Arpeggio
Joy Stick +Y 0:00:10 Arpeggio Speed up
Joy Stick -Y 0:00:14 Arpeggio Speed down
Knobs 0:00:20 Phrase change, Tempo changes automatically by KARMA EG

• Track 11 - Note Repetition & Chord Recognition
       Track11.mp3 - 1.6mb
Controller Time Effect
Chord Buttons 0:00:00 4 Chord Button play
Knob 0:00:11 Guitar Rhythm Complexity
Knob 0:00:16 Guitar Note variation
Knob 0:00:25 Change from picking to strumming
Right Hand 0:00:40 Synth Lead plays certain scale using "Repeat"
Knob 0:00:49 Repeat speed change
Knob 0:01:00 Repeat Transpose
Left Hand 0:01:08 Repeat Note changes by chord recognition
Joy Stick 0:01:19 Auto triggering by Joy Stick
Knobs 0:01:27 Guitar/Pan Flute Phrase change

• Track 12 - Controller Performance (Techno)
       Track12.mp3 - 920k
Controller Time Effect
Knobs 0:00:06 Arp part mute, Arp phrase change
Knobs 0:00:15 Arp Upper Note limitation value
Knobs 0:00:20 Drum Part mute
Knob 0:00:28 Arp Duration change
Knobs 0:00:32 Bass Phrase change, Arp Speed up
Switch 0:00:37 Drum Pitch Modulation
Knob 0:00:45 Arp Phrase change

• Track 13 - Controller Performance (House)
       Track13.mp3 - 1mb
Controller Time Effect
Knobs 0:00:08 BD/SD Mute
Knobs 0:00:15 BD/HH/Perc. Mute
Knob 0:00:22 Bass Phrase change
Knob 0:00:37 Synth Repeat
Switches 0:00:45 Organ Phrase change

• Track 14 - Controller Performance (Drum'n'Bass)
       Track14.mp3 - 1mb
Controller Time Effect
Knob 0:00:13 Filtering
Knobs 0:00:25 BD/SD Mute
Knobs 0:00:37 Bass Phrase change
Knobs 0:00:40 HH Level
Joy Stick -Y 0:00:50 Retrigger, Synth Lead Phrase change
Switch 0:00:56 Drum Pitch Modulation

• Track 15 - One Key Chord
       Track15.mp3 - 896k
Controller Time Effect
Knobs 0:00:14 Auto Harmonize Level, number of Voices
Knob 0:00:24 Harmonize Voice
Knob 0:00:40 Drum/Bass Phrase change

• Track 16 - Auto Improvisation
       Track16.mp3 - 776k
Controller Time Effect
0:00:00 Phrase is generated between rule and random
Knob 0:00:15 Drum Phrase change
Knob 0:00:22 Duration Control for Improvisation
Switch 0:00:33 Symmetry Phrase modification

• Track 17 - Controller Performance (Classical)
       Track17.mp3 - 908k
Controller Time Effect
Chord Button 0:00:07 Chord Button play
Knob 0:00:14 Rhythm Complexity
Knob 0:00:22 Duration (Staccato)
Knobs 0:00:29 Strings Voicing, Phrase change
0:00:36 Oboe/Clarinet Phrase change

• Track 18 - Controller Performance (Techno)
       Track18.mp3 - 1mb
Controller Time Effect
Joy Stick 0:00:12 Voice/Bass Mute
Knobs 0:00:20 Lead Synth Phrase Speed
Knob 0:00:27 Voice Phrase change
Knob 0:00:31 Voice Duration change
Knob 0:00:52 Drum Phrase change

• Track 19 - “For KARMA” - by D.O.I (Indopepsychics)
       Track19.mp3 - 3.4mb

• Track 20 - “MOMOMIX” - by MOMO (ambient7/Time Control)
       Track20.mp3 - 1.9mb

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