What can I do with it?

Discover the ultimate groove box.
If you use the Triton arpeggiator to create drum/bass/synth grooves, you’ll be intoxicated by KARMA Triton. Its powerful Generated Effect (GE) technology is not only capable of simulating the Triton arpeggiator and any other arpeggiator on the market, it goes far beyond! KARMA Triton provides over 400 GE parameters and a bevy of Realtime Controls (on-screen sliders and switches that can be controlled by external devices, along with “Dynamic MIDI” sources such as the Triton Joystick) giving you control over every nuance of your groove. You’ll also get access to KARMA’s patented “random pools” feature so your grooves never go stale. Plus, watch it all live with KARMA Triton’s captivating visual display.

Break the “loop” barrier.
Using other artist’s loops in your music? It’s time to get KARMA & get creative! Start producing your own loops by using one of the 768 included Performances. Next, add your personal touch by tweaking the KARMA Realtime Controls. Finally, create your own Performances and experience loops unlike anything you - or anyone else, for that matter - has ever heard. KARMA Triton even lets you quickly create independent loops that blend together (e.g., use the same chord structure, rhythmic dynamics, effect envelopes, etc.).

Immerse yourself in breathtaking ambient pads & textures.
Combine the richness of your Triton’s sound engine with the advanced features of KARMA Triton and you’ll find yourself lost in a sea of dense, melodic textures highlighted by spectacular cascades of intricately interweaving notes. Use the KARMA Note Series & Index Patterns to add complex, melodic motion to your pads. Then add CC Patterns & Envelopes to add stunning effects and dynamics. Finally, blend some KARMA “randomness” with a touch of realtime control and sink deep into your own, personal soundscape.

Strum your keyboard?
Your Triton’s HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system reproduces every expressive nuance of the guitar - both acoustic & electric. However, you don’t have to be a guitar player to realize that you can’t strum (or pick) a keyboard. Enter KARMA Triton’s Cluster Patterns which give you a fine level of control over strumming effects & parameters. In addition, KARMA provides access to subtle pitch-bend effects and effect envelopes which greatly increase the playability of many synthesized instruments including guitars, woodwinds, brass, & strings.

Gain access to high quality content.
1190 GEs and 768 Performances, to be exact. Drum & percussion grooves, bass lines, acoustic guitar rhythms, electric guitar leads, synth lines & techno arpeggios, orchestral string lines, brass & woodwind lines, pad & gated effects, sound FX - you name it! In addition, KARMA Triton covers many musical genres including rock, pop, funk, orchestral, World, Latin, new age, hip hop, house, electronica, & others. When you’re ready, add an additional 256 Combis to your collection via the highly-acclaimed Chemistry and Reincarnation collections available separately from Karma-Lab.

Create with time tested, leading edge technology.
These days creating original, new music is synonymous with having access to the latest technology, and KARMA is just that. Developed over the past 20 years, KARMA is unparalleled in terms of its capabilities, having received 11 US Patents for technological innovations such as Melodic Repeat, Manual Advance, Freeze Randomize, and Random Capture (to name only a few). In addition, for over 13 years KARMA has been powering the popular and globally-accepted Korg Karma keyboard, the flagship Korg Kronos and Korg OASYS, and the Korg M3, so you can be sure it’s been heavily road tested. And if you’ve ever got a question, just click over to the Karma Lab Forums and connect with thousands of fellow enthusiasts, including KARMA’s inventor, Stephen Kay.

See the FAQs section below for answers to frequently asked questions and more details.

KARMA Triton Features
KARMA Triton software runs on your PC and communicates with
your Korg Triton via a standard MIDI connection.

  • Generate unique musical effects in real-time including: techno arpeggios & effects; dynamic drum/bass/synth grooves; dense rhythmic & melodic textures; natural sounding glissandos; guitar strumming and finger-picking; random effects; auto-accompaniment effects; gliding portamento and pitch bend effects.
  • Includes 1190 Generated Effects (GEs), 384 Programs, & 384 Combis from the original Korg Karma Factory Voicing (all fully KARMA-fied).
  • Access 400+ KARMA GE parameters for impressive musical results.
  • Graphical editing & creation of Drum Patterns, Rhythm Patterns, Duration Patterns, Index Patterns, Cluster Patterns, Velocity Patterns, CC Patterns, Envelopes, and more!
  • One-step MIDI (SysEx) upload/download of Programs, Combis, Arps, Drum Kits & other Triton data.
  • Import simple phrases & drum grooves from the Triton’s sequencer, or from any SMF source, & transform them into KARMA GEs.

[click for more screen shots & descriptions]
  • Supercharge your Triton arpeggios by converting them to KARMA GEs. KARMA Sliders & Switches are automatically assigned for instant interactivity.
  • Captivating, real-time visual display of generated MIDI data.
  • Popup tooltips and context-sensitive Help provide comprehensive documentation of all features.
  • Available for Microsoft Windows. See Minimum System Requirements.

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 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

• What is KARMA?
KARMA® (Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture) is a patented algorithmic MIDI data generating technology that takes input notes and controller movements and generates complex musical phrases and effects. KARMA provides independent real-time control over various aspects of a musical phrase, such as rhythm, duration, accents, chord density, pitch bending, tonal variation, panning, repeats, randomization, etc. You can think of it as "an arpeggiator on steroids," although even that description doesn't do it justice. It's simply the most advanced real-time music generation technology available!

More Info - (Long Description)
• What is KARMA Triton?
KARMA Triton is a computer software program, running on Windows computers. It is a software only version of the same KARMA Technology that is built into Korg's award-winning Karma Music Workstation and amazing OASYS Workstation keyboards. By utilizing your computer and the software, connected to your Triton via any standard MIDI interface, you can effectively "turn your Triton into a Karma" and then some!
• Does it somehow install "into" the Triton?
No, it cannot be installed directly into the Triton. It runs on your computer, and communicates with your Triton via MIDI and any standard MIDI interface. There are no modifications to the Triton or the Triton OS (operating system).
• How do I use KARMA Triton?
Using KARMA Triton is similar to using the on-board dual arpeggiators of all Triton models, except far more advanced and versatile. The Triton arpeggiator has very little you can vary in realtime other than gate, velocity and tempo, and extremely simple patterns. KARMA has hundreds of parameters that can be varied in real-time, either from the on screen sliders and switches in the "Realtime Controls Editor," or via knobs, sliders and switches from an external control device, such as a Novation Remote 25, Peavey PC-1600, etc.

You can jam with it, use it for inspiration to spark new song ideas, use it generate individual bass lines, synth parts, drum grooves etc. for your own tracks - it's almost like a loop collection that never gets stale. And it's easy to store your own variations and patterns in additional banks within the software - you can even import Triton arpeggiator patterns and have them instantly turned into KARMA Generated Effects (GEs) that go far beyond the capabilities of the originals!
• What kind of sounds does it come with?
KARMA Triton comes with the entire factory voicing of the Korg Karma Music Workstation! That's 1190 Generated Effects (GEs), 3 banks of Programs (384 Programs) and 3 banks of Combis (384 Combis), all of them programmed by Korg's top voicing designers to generate intricate and inspirational grooves, textures, ambient pads and sonic mayhem.

And if you feel you've exhausted the possibilities there or just want more, all three of Karma Lab's extremely popular Karma sound sets are available in KARMA Triton versions - another 192 Combis that are even more focused on grooves and song ideas.
• Can I record the results of the KARMA generation?
Yes, the impressive results generated by KARMA Triton can be recorded either as audio or as MIDI data. First, you can always just record the audio of your Triton the same way you always do. KARMA Triton generates MIDI, sends it to the Triton, and you simply record the audio outputs of the Triton into whatever audio recording device and method you normally use. It then becomes a track of audio data that you use in your project along with other audio tracks. Secondly, the MIDI data generated by KARMA Triton can be recorded into the internal Triton sequencer, or external software sequencers such as Sonar, Repear and Cubase (using our included "Virtual MIDI Device" on 32-bit Windows, or freely available 64-bit virtual MIDI ports). You can then route the output of KARMA directly into your sequencing program - the MIDI data can then be played back, edited, overdubbed etc. and become part of your project, while you use KARMA Triton to generate other parts.
• Can I use KARMA Triton with other synths and soft synths?
Yes, but only if you actually have a Korg Triton connected to the software. The Triton must be located on the global port settings. Then, you can send the algorithmic effects being generated by KARMA to any device that is part of your MIDI setup. And by routing the output to external ports using a virtual MIDI driver, you can also control many soft synths and audio generating programs such as Reason.
• Is the software copy-protected?
Yes - it is protected with a Challenge/Response authorization. This means that the program generates a unique code when it first opens, you register the code with us online, we send you back a response code, you enter the code, and your software is authorized on that particular computer. If you need to authorize it again (which may happen if you reformat your hard drive, re-install your OS, get a new computer etc.), you contact us and we give you a new code. For more information on the authorization process, including how to authorize a non-internet capable computer, see this document:

How To Authorize KARMA Triton.pdf
• Is there a demo version I can try out?
No, as of June 2011 we no longer provide or support a demo version.
• Where can I get some more information or ask questions?
The Karma Lab Forum is a good place to find out about KARMA Triton. Ask a question in the KARMA Triton Software section. You can also send an e-mail to: info@karma-lab.com.
• How much does it cost?
You may check current pricing at the link below. The download option of delivery is free. A physical package containing a CD-ROM is available for delivery in the USA only, at an additional shipping cost.

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 Audio Demos (MP 3)

KARMA GE (Generated Effect) Demos

GE Intro And Combinations
Introduction to Generated Effects (GEs), and examples of combinations of multiple GEs.
GE Type 1 (Generated-Riff)
Examples of GE Type 1 (Generated-Riff)
GE Type 2 (Generated-Gated)
Examples of GE Type 2 (Generated-Gated)
GE Type 3 (Generated-Drum)
Examples of GE Type 3 (Generated-Drum)
GE Type 4 (Realtime)
Examples of GE Type 4 (Realtime)
KARMA Technology Demo

==Planet KARMA==
A demo song for the Korg Karma, created with the KARMA Technology and the same sounds that are included with KARMA Triton.
More KARMA Demos

Chemistry Volume 1 - Grooves & Inspiration
Chemistry Volume 2 - Sonic Viagra!
Chemistry Volume 3 - Groove injection!
Reincarnation Volume 1 - Inner Groove
Demos of Combis from the outstandingly well-received “Chemistry Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3,” and “Reincarnation Volume 1” collections, which are also available in KARMA Triton format. Visit the Sounds page for more information.
Exclusive Samples for Electronic Musician
Many examples of single GEs and Combis, produced for the August 2001 issue of Electronic Musician Magazine by Stephen Kay. All of these sounds are produced using the 1190 GEs and 768 Programs/Combis that are included with KARMA Triton.

 Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,
    Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • 32 or 64 bit
  • Intel Pentium 3 (or equivalent) or better
  • 233 MHz or faster
  • 64 Megabytes of RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive (if ordering on CD)
  • Color Monitor capable of 65,535 colors and 1024 x 768 or larger strongly recommended
  • MIDI Interface
  • Korg Triton (required) - supported models: Classic (61, Pro 76, ProX 88), Studio (61 76, 88), Extreme (61, 76, 88), Le (61, 76, 88), TR (61, 72, 88), and Triton Rack
Mac OS  
  • This is legacy software; Mac OS X is not supported. However, you can run the Windows version on a current Mac using a virtual machine such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels.
  • MacOS 9.2.2 (not available for Mac OS X) *
  • Power Macintosh with 604, 604e, G3 or G4 processor or better
  • 225 MHz or faster
  • 64 Megabytes of RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive (if ordering on CD)
  • Color Monitor capable of 65,535 colors and 1024 x 768 or larger strongly recommended
  • OMS 2.3.8 or later (for legacy Mac OS)
  • MIDI Interface
  • Korg Triton (required) - supported models: Classic (61, Pro 76, ProX 88), Studio (61 76, 88), Extreme (61, 76, 88), Le (61, 76, 88), TR (61, 72, 88), and Triton Rack

* Note: our newer software for the Korg M3, OASYS, M50, Kronos, and Yamaha Motif XS and XF is compatible with Mac OS X.

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