IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of October 15 2010, Karma-Lab will no longer honor or support (for new first-time registrations) the now 17-year old CD-ROM versions of KARMA MW software (v 1.0) that are still floating around and being exchanged on ebay and various other online sites. The software and installers contained on that CD are NOT Vista/Win7/Win8 compatible, will not work on newer PCs, and have issues with XP as well. Any user attempting to register one of these copies, unused or not, will be informed that the software on that CD is no longer supported, and they need to purchase a recent copy directly from Karma-Lab. This does not apply to existing customers who have already registered the software and are re-authorizing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What can I do with it?
  • With KARMA MW software running on your PC, you get complete access to the powerful KARMA engine, not just the part that is brought to the surface in the keyboard.
  • Use KARMA MW's powerful graphical interface to discover and manipulate every nuance of the KARMA Function within your Programs and Combis. Whether you're creating sounds from scratch or using the factory sounds, KARMA MW's visual controls and displays provide the ultimate insight into the amazing world of KARMA.
  • Experiment and explore the KARMA Function in ways that are impossible on the Karma keyboard alone. KARMA MW is the ultimate learning tool for anyone who wants to better understand the KARMA Function.
  • Operate the KARMA Software as an additional 4 modules at the same time as the Karma Keyboard – it’s like having two Karma’s at once!
  • Venture into the heart of KARMA and develop your own Generated Effects (GE's) for unlimited musical possiblities. Then, instantly upload (via SysEx) your new GE's to the Karma and take them on the road. You'll never again look at your Karma the same way.

KARMA MW Features

KARMA MW software runs on your PC and communicates with
your Korg Karma via a standard MIDI connection.

  • Complete access to the 400+ parameters making up a KARMA GE (Generated Effect). These parameters are mostly hidden in the Karma Music Workstation with a maximum of 16 being available, but you can view and edit all of them using the software, along with the Performance parameters associated with each KARMA Module.
  • Graphical editing and creation of Drum Patterns, Rhythm Patterns, Duration Patterns, Index Patterns, Cluster Patterns, Velocity Patterns, CC Patterns, Envelopes, and more!
  • Create new GEs, and edit existing GEs into new configurations. Download the GEs to the Karma Music Workstation via MIDI SysEx Dump, or via export to floppy disk.
  • One-step MIDI (SysEx) upload/download of Programs, Combis, Arps, Drum Kits & other Karma data.
  • Import phrases and drum grooves from the Karma’s internal sequencer, or from any SMF source (such as external sequencers) and transform them into KARMA GEs.

[click for more screen shots & descriptions]
  • Import Triton arpeggios and convert them to KARMA GEs. Automatically assigns GE Parameters and Knobs and Switches for instant interactivity going far beyond the original arps.
  • Captivating, real-time visual display of generated MIDI data.
  • Popup tooltips and context-sensitive Help provide comprehensive documentation of all features.
  • Available for Microsoft Windows. See Minimum System Requirements.

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 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is KARMA?
KARMA® (Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture) is a patented algorithmic MIDI data generating technology that takes input notes and controller movements and generates complex musical phrases and effects. KARMA provides independent real-time control over various aspects of a musical phrase, such as rhythm, duration, accents, chord density, pitch bending, tonal variation, panning, repeats, randomization, etc. You can think of it as "an arpeggiator on steroids," although even that description doesn't do it justice. It's simply the most advanced music generation technology available!

More Info - (Long Description)
Q: What is KARMA MW?
• It’s an editing environment for KARMA Technology, and the KARMA function as it is implemented on the Korg Karma. It allows access to all of the 400+ parameters of a GE, most of which are not editable on the keyboard itself, along with all of the Program/Combi parameters that directly relate to the KARMA Function.

• It’s a way to create entirely new GEs, or edit existing GEs, and store them on the computer or send them to the keyboard's memory. You may create them from scratch (by setting parameters), or by importing *simple* phrases or sequences of notes from the keyboard's internal sequencer (or an external sequencer).

• It’s the same programming tool that the Korg Voicing Team Members used to create all of the presets in the Karma. And actually, it has additional features such as SMF phrase import and Triton Arp conversion that weren’t available during the factory voicing.

• It’s a software version of the KARMA function of the keyboard. In other words, it’s not a simple SysEx editor for the KARMA parameters, it’s the whole technology. You can use it *instead* of the KARMA function on the keyboard, or potentially combine them for a total of eight modules of KARMA activity. Note that combining them is at least twice as difficult as handling the four modules presently in the keyboard. But you expected that, right?

• It’s a way of visualizing and understanding the workings of the KARMA function and technology, whether you want to create anything new or not.
Q: What is KARMA MW *not*?
• It’s *not* a librarian for the Karma. It contains some librarian-like features, but it does not in its present form take the place of a dedicated librarian.

• It’s *not* a graphical editor for all of the many synthesizer parameters of the Karma Workstation, such as the Program Filter envelopes, LFOs, IFX and MFX, or for the Sequencer section etc. None of these parameters are addressed in the present version. It is a graphical editor for the KARMA function *only*, which is a smaller (yet complex) subset of all of the parameters that make up the Korg Karma.

• It’s *not* a simple SysEx editor for a MIDI device, the way many manufacturers hand out editors for their devices. This program existed *before* the Korg Karma, and the keyboard’s implementation was derived from the program, not vice versa. So even as far as the KARMA function goes, it’s not an exact graphical representation of the function as it exists in the keyboard. Certain parameters are grouped differently, for example. However, anything you create in KARMA MW can be exported and loaded directly into the keyboard.

• It’s *not* intended for use with other MIDI devices unless you have a Karma. In other words, if you have a multi-port setup with a few different devices, you can select another synth as an output device provided your Karma is still connected to the software’s Global Ports.
Q: Is KARMA MW for me?
• If you don’t actually own a Korg Karma Music Workstation, KARMA MW will not work - and you will not be able to register it (serial number required). If you do not have your Korg Karma attached to the computer, KARMA MW will not send or receive MIDI data.

• If you rarely use the KARMA Function on the keyboard, you probably have no need of KARMA MW, at least in its present form. It is *not* an editor for the non-KARMA sections of the Korg Karma, such as the IFX, MFX, Program parameters, etc.

• You should be aware that it’s a deep (and complex, to some) piece of software, and there is somewhat of a learning curve involved. If you are comfortable with computer software and MIDI, you should have no problems.

• If you are in doubt about whether it will be useful for you, we suggest you browse the messages and discussions on the Karma Lab Forums. They will help you decide whether it’s for you or not. Honestly, we are not at all interested in selling you something that you don’t want or need ;-)
Q: Can I record the results of the KARMA generation?

Yes, the impressive results generated by KARMA MW can be recorded either as audio or as MIDI data.

First, you can always just record the audio of your Karma the same way you always do. KARMA MW generates MIDI, sends it to the Karma, and you simply record the audio outputs of the Karma into whatever audio recording device you normally use. It then becomes a track of audio data that you use in your project along with other audio tracks.

Secondly, the MIDI data generated by KARMA MW can be recorded into the internal Karma sequencer, or external software sequencers such as Sonar, DP, Logic, and Cubase (using our included "Virtual MIDI Device" on 32-bit Windows, or freely available 64-bit virtual MIDI ports). You can then route the output of KARMA directly into your software-based sequencing program - the MIDI data can then be played back, edited, overdubbed etc. and become part of your project, while you use KARMA MW to generate other parts.

Q: Can I use KARMA MW with other synths and soft synths?
Yes, but only if you actually have a Korg Karma connected to the software. The Karma must be located on the global port settings. Then, you can send the algorithmic effects being generated by KARMA to any device that is part of your MIDI setup. And by routing the output to external ports using a virtual MIDI driver, you can also control many soft synths and audio generating programs such as Reason.
Q: Is there a demo version I can try out?
No, as of June 2011 we no longer provide or support a demo version.
Q: Is there a different version that I can use with a Korg TRITON?
Yes! Click here to go to the KARMA Triton Page.
Q: Where can I purchase KARMA MW?

You can purchase KARMA MW directly from its source, Karma Lab. The software is sold as a downloadable electronic version only (international customers) or your choice of a downloadable or physical package (USA only). You can order online via the Karma-Lab store.

Q: How much does it cost?

You may check current pricing at the link below. The download option of delivery is free. A physical package containing a CD-ROM is available for delivery in the USA only, at an additional shipping cost.

Order from the Karma Lab Store

Q: Is the software copy-protected?
Yes - it is protected with a Challenge/Response authorization. This means that the program generates a unique code when it first opens, you register the code with us online, we send you back a response code, you enter the code, and your software is authorized on that particular computer. If you need to authorize it again (which may happen if you reformat your hard drive, re-install your OS, get a new computer etc.), you contact us and we give you a new code. For more information on the authorization process, including how to authorize a non-internet capable computer, see this document:

How To Authorize KARMA MW.pdf
Q: Where can I get some more information or ask questions?
The Karma Lab Forum is a good place to find out about KARMA MW. Ask a question in the KARMA MW Software section. You can also send an e-mail to:

 Audio Demos (MP 3)

KARMA GE (Generated Effect) Demos

GE Intro And Combinations
Introduction to Generated Effects (GEs), and examples of combinations of multiple GEs.
GE Type 1 (Generated-Riff)
Examples of GE Type 1 (Generated-Riff)
GE Type 2 (Generated-Gated)
Examples of GE Type 2 (Generated-Gated)
GE Type 3 (Generated-Drum)
Examples of GE Type 3 (Generated-Drum)
GE Type 4 (Realtime)
Examples of GE Type 4 (Realtime)
KARMA Technology Demo

==Planet KARMA==
A demo song for the Korg Karma, created with the KARMA Technology and the same sounds that are included with KARMA Triton.
More KARMA Demos

Chemistry Volume 1 - Grooves & Inspiration
Chemistry Volume 2 - Sonic Viagra!
Chemistry Volume 3 - Groove injection!
Reincarnation Volume 1 - Inner Groove
Demos of Combis from the outstandingly well-received “Chemistry Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3,” and “Reincarnation Volume 1” collections, which are also available in KARMA Triton format. Visit the Sounds page for more information.
Exclusive Samples for Electronic Musician
Many examples of single GEs and Combis, produced for the August 2001 issue of Electronic Musician Magazine by Stephen Kay. All of these sounds are produced using the 1190 GEs and 768 Programs/Combis that are included with KARMA Triton.

 Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,
    Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • 32 or 64 bit
  • Intel Pentium 3 (or equivalent) or better
  • 233 MHz or faster
  • 64 Megabytes of RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive (if ordering on CD)
  • Color Monitor capable of 65,535 colors and 1024 x 768 or larger strongly recommended
  • MIDI Interface
  • Korg Karma Music Workstation (required)
Mac OS 9 (Legacy)  
  • This is legacy software; Mac OS X is not supported. However, you can run the Windows version on a current Mac using a virtual machine such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels.
  • MacOS 9.2.2 (not available for Mac OS X) *
  • Power Macintosh with 604, 604e, G3 or G4 processor or better
  • 225 MHz or faster
  • 64 Megabytes of RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive (if ordering on CD)
  • Color Monitor capable of 65,535 colors and 1024 x 768 or larger strongly recommended
  • OMS 2.3.8 or later (for legacy Mac OS)
  • MIDI Interface
  • Korg Karma Music Workstation (required)

* Note: our newer software for the Korg M3, OASYS, M50, Kronos, and Yamaha Motif XS and XF is compatible with Mac OS X.

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