Scott Raposa
Scott Raposa

Sound Designer (Reincarnation, Reincarnated, House101 Tutorials)

Scott Raposa is a multi-talented artist whose creativity is most often found at the intersection of music and high-technology. At age eight, his interest in music was sparked by the shiny brass of a trumpet which he studied and played avidly for the next eight years. During that time, he began his own exploration of the world of synthesizers and computer music. At age 17, he had completed the vast majority of his formal music training. However, his passion for playing and producing music, especially electronic music, had barely begun.

Raposa studied computer science and received a bachelor’s degree from Brown University which he followed by an extensive career as a software engineer. He has worked for organizations as diverse as Lotus Software, American Express, a Silicon Valley dot-com, several start-ups, and a well-regarded music software company.

During these years, Scott used his spare time to refine his skills as sound designer, composer, producer, recording artist, performer, and DJ. He taught himself a range of instruments including bass & keyboard, djembe and other percussion instruments, and the didgeridoo. He also teamed up with electronic music visionary Stephen Kay, creator of KARMA (Kay Algorithmic Real-time Music Architecture), to work on several music software projects as well as Reincarnation, a highly acclaimed sound set for KORG Karma and KARMA Triton software. Most recently, he has collaborated with Stephen Kay on a new set named Reincarnated for the Korg Kronos, Oasys, M3 and M50 (with KARMA M50 software).

The music of Scott Raposa is known to uplift audiences and inspire people to get up and dance. His latest album, Law of Attraction Directly From Source, is a collaboration with NYTimes #1 best-selling authors, Esther and Jerry Hicks, and is distributed globally through Hay House - one of the most well-respected and fastest-growing self-help and transformational publishers. This genre-breaking work weaves Raposa’s upbeat electronic music with inspirational messages spoken by Esther Hicks. Previously, he released Stillness of Mind, an electronically produced instrumental meditation CD, which many call their favorite in the genre.

Scott’s creativity has been strongly inspired by over 15 years of studies of metaphysics, spiritual philosophies, ecstatic dance and creative movement practices including 5Rhythms® and JourneyDance™, Yoga, meditation, and drumming. Over the past five years, he has synthesized these teachings with his own blend of creativity and music to create unique workshops and events including The M Room - a well-attended semi-annual event featuring Scott’s live and DJ’ed dance music, live drumming, and guided music meditations.

Scott's most recent projects with Karma-Lab:

House 101 Combi Tutorial Series - 45 chapters and nearly 7 hours of online video instruction for the Korg M3, also available on DVD
Reincarnated - a new sound set of 32 KARMA-fied Combis for the Korg Kronos, Oasys, M3 and M50 (with KARMA M50 software)