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Following the overwhelmingly well-received Volume 1, here’s another 64 incredible Combis for the Korg Karma and Triton*, making full use of the revolutionary KARMA function. Fully satisfy your desires!

*Triton Series requires KARMA Triton Software. Works with Triton Classic, Studio, Rack and Extreme. If you would like us to support Triton Le/TR, please send us an e-mail.

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  • Emphasizing “quality over quantity,” each Combi is composed of a full 4 GEs, organically melded to create a sophisticated groove experience or texture extravaganza.
  • Features extensive real-time control via the KARMA Realtime Controls (8 knobs, 2 switches) and the other controllers (joystick, 4 knobs and 2 switches).
  • Includes grooves and sonic textures in a wide variety of styles, ranging from a mixture of Dance/Trance/Techno categories to Ambient Pads, Classical, New-Age & Special FX.
  • Not “re-hashed or converted Triton Sounds” - created brand-new from the ground up to take advantage of the KARMA Technology.
  • Each Combi is fully and meticulously documented in the accompanying 75 page User’s Guide.
  • Produced by noted British sound designer Paul Osborn.
  • Produced and mixed by KARMA Inventor Stephen Kay, with each combi going through a rigorous testing and quality control program.
  • View all of our Karma and Triton Sound Sets here.
Note: Chemistry Vol. 2 requires that your Karma Workstation be updated to OS 2.0. If you have not done this, there's no reason not to, and every reason to do so! (It's free, and adds new features such as User GEs.) The OS updater and instructions can be located [here].

Free Demo/Bonus Combis 16k Windows - PCG file for your Karma/Triton
 Chem1_Free8.sit.hqx 29k Mac - PCG file for your Karma/Triton
 Free8_User’s_Guide.pdf 88k Acrobat format - for viewing on your computer, or printing.
These 8 free Combis are additional works by Paul, showing the quality of programming you can expect to find in Chemistry Volumes 1 & 2. They are not part of the 64 Combis in either collection - you still get 64 completely new Combis, in addition to these 8. Consider them a free bonus! Also, be sure to download the User’s Guide explaining in detail the comprehensive realtime control capabilities.
User’s Guide
• Korg Karma Workstation
User's Guide, with detailed performance notes for each Combi, and tips on how to get the most out of the built-in real-time control.
Detailed installation instructions for all of Karma-Lab's Sound Sets - tells you how to get more than one set into your Karma, along with the EXB04/05 Combis and GEs.
Additional instructions for KARMA MW Software on how to send the data via SysEx, instead of using a floppy.
• Korg Triton Series + KARMA Triton Software
User's Guide, with detailed performance notes for each Combi, and tips on how to get the most out of the built-in real-time control.
Detailed installation instructions for all of Karma-Lab's Sound Sets. Includes instructions on how to send the data via SysEx, instead of using a floppy or other media.
For a listing of all 64 Combis in the collection, in order and by style category [click here].
Actual User Reviews (Of Chemistry Vol. 1)
...installed it this evening and my jaw just hit the ground! Every one of the combis is awesome! I have all of the offerings from [other companies], and I was somewhat disappointed by their Karma sounds. Chemistry Vol 1 just set the bar way...way..higher. I only have one question.....when to expect Vol 2, 3, 4....  -- Dave

Ok, I’ve been messing with the Chemistry Vol 1 for just a short time and I am convinced, this is KICK ASS sound!!! Where do I sign up for lots more, because I am hooked. Don’t stop now, keep them sounds acoming....  -- Ron

Chemistry Vol.1 is AWESOME!! The Combis are beautiful and the User’s Guide is clean, clear, and concise. GIVE ME MORE!! Here’s my little quote: If Stephen Kay is to the KARMA what Leo Fender is to the electric guitar then Paul Osborn is Jimi Hendrix. He has unleashed the beast!  -- Superman

I suggest everyone go and buy these sounds if you can. There is an excellent variety of combinations covering a wide range of styles. I especially like the fact that each combi can be manipulated in real-time by ALL of the Karma knobs and switches, much more so than the Korg factory combis (even though I like those also).  -- Martin

I can absolutely say that most of these combis exceed the level of quality and attention to detail that the factory set has. And this is certainly impressive, because the factory set is damn good. I think like most things...with time comes a new level of understanding of the possibilites that exist within a new tool such as Karma. At the time the factory set was created, the programers had only conceived the more obvious and intended tricks the Karma could pull off. Over time, Paul has developed the possibilites of KARMA to an entirely new level.  -- Ron

I purchased these last night and I must agree that they are excellent!!!. I also really appreciate the documentation of each one being done. A great value for anyone with a Karma.  -- Don

I did want to remark on the manual for the set which is freely downloadable without purchasing the set. Obviously, it gives prospective purchasers of Chemistry I a sense of what is in the set. But more than that, the discussion of the combis and how the controls are used really gives a sense of what the Karma is about. I am still exploring the set, but I can confirm ...the positive comments from others. -- Clif

I said it before, I say it again, if the Karma in the Synthworld is to me what the Hubble Space telescope is in science, Paul, your creations are the polished lenses that enable it to look deep.  -- Georg

Just to chime in---if you’re thinking about buying Chemistry Vol 1, do it! They’re fantastic!  -- Govinda

I got Chemistry Vol 1 yeterday and of course what everyone else is saying is true. It is a great collection of Sounds!! Great work Paul and Stephen - can’t wait for Volume 2!!  -- Paul

After receiving my “Chemistry set” last night, I am captivated, excited and thoroughly rejuvenated by the freshness of the sounds. Congratulations, Paul and Stephen, and thanks for the inspiration!  -- Richard

...I can highly recommend it! The combi’s are as good if not better than the factory supplied ones.  --Greg
Reviews of Paul Osborn’s earlier Sound Design releases
...full of fantastic psuedo-analogue pads, sweeps and atmospherics. Quite rightly, the first performance is ‘Sensory Whorl’... Other atmospherics of real note are ‘Dream Time’, ‘Pluto’, and one deliciously entitled ‘Venus in Motion’. There’s plenty in the way of polyphonic analogue emulation... ‘inspiration catalysts’, well conceived and classy cool...

Sound On Sound Magazine, January 1998
DanceWaves Korg WaveStation Sound Cards
...fresh-sounding wavesequences and programs designed specifically for the dance composer...hugely enjoyable with bags of attitude and a good variety of styles. The feel ranges from computer-game frantic to chill-out cool...

Sound On Sound Magazine, November 1998
TranceWaves Vol. 1 Korg WaveStation Sound Card
...a collection of stonking sounds that will do anyone’s JV-1080 proud. ...fat enough to make the people at Weightwatchers pause for thought. The clav and the electric piano are outstanding, the bass sounds are monstrous, and there are plenty of sequencer-like special effects, many of which could probably be interesting enough to be used as backing riffs for an entire track. ...plenty here to get your creative juices oozing. Programmer types will have endless hours of fun pulling the patches apart to see exactly how they work, while the rest of us will simply find some novel and inspiring sounds just itching to be used. ...well worth the money you’ll pay for it.

Future Music Magazine, August 1996
Analog & Digital Culture

...presets such as Sensory Whorl, Cobra Dance and Tribal Instinct have ‘instant commercial success’ written all over them. ...great for soundtracks, incidental music, and even prog rock...plenty of fab programming ideas. Almost like buying a new machine in fact, only much, much cheaper. A very impressive pair of patch cards indeed.

Future Music Magazine, July 1996
DreamWaves Korg WaveStation Sound Cards