Give your WaveStation some new life!

Dreamwaves Vol. 1, Dreamwaves Vol. 2, Trancewaves Vol. 1, Trancewaves Vol.2

(For the Korg WaveStation, WaveStation A/D, WaveStation SR, and Korg Legacy WaveStation softsynth)

These classic sets of sounds for the Korg WaveStation are once again available. Programmed in the late 1990's by noted British sound designer Paul Osborn (who also happens to be one of the best KARMA programmers in the world - he's programmed many of the cool combis in the Kronos, OASYS, and M3, the Chemistry sets for the original Karma Workstation, and all of the Performances in the new KARMA Motif software).

Each of the 4 sets includes:

  • 50 new Performances
  • 35 new Patches
  • 35 new WaveSequences

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Audio Demos

The demo plays the following selection of WaveStation Performances from Dreamwaves Vol. 1:

00 Sensory Whorl
46 Heavenly
15 Enigmatic
10 Tibetan Bell
16 Aztec
23 Dreamy Guitar
49 Endless Ocean
21 Venus in Motion
03 In the year 1975
19 MXR Phase 100
47 Outback
02 Hackett's Voice
32 Backwards Tape
25 Cobra Dance
14 Mandolins
37 Psi-Fi
18 Sea Storm
07 Polymoog Strings
39 The Black Hole

All demos © 2014 by Karma Lab. Performed by Stephen Kay. All rights reserved.

Magazine Reviews of Paul Osborn’s Dreamwaves and Trancewaves

...full of fantastic psuedo-analogue pads, sweeps and atmospherics. Quite rightly, the first performance is ‘Sensory Whorl’... Other atmospherics of real note are ‘Dream Time’, ‘Pluto’, and one deliciously entitled ‘Venus in Motion’. There’s plenty in the way of polyphonic analogue emulation... ‘inspiration catalysts’, well conceived and classy cool...

Sound On Sound Magazine, January 1998
DanceWaves Korg WaveStation Sound Cards

...fresh-sounding wavesequences and programs designed specifically for the dance composer...hugely enjoyable with bags of attitude and a good variety of styles. The feel ranges from computer-game frantic to chill-out cool...

Sound On Sound Magazine, November 1998
TranceWaves Vol. 1 Korg WaveStation Sound Card

...a collection of stonking sounds that will do anyone proud. ...fat enough to make the people at Weightwatchers pause for thought. The clav and the electric piano are outstanding, the bass sounds are monstrous, and there are plenty of sequencer-like special effects, many of which could probably be interesting enough to be used as backing riffs for an entire track. ...plenty here to get your creative juices oozing. Programmer types will have endless hours of fun pulling the patches apart to see exactly how they work, while the rest of us will simply find some novel and inspiring sounds just itching to be used. ...well worth the money you’ll pay for it.

Future Music Magazine, August 1996
Analog & Digital Culture

...presets such as Sensory Whorl, Cobra Dance and Tribal Instinct have ‘instant commercial success’ written all over them. ...great for soundtracks, incidental music, and even prog rock...plenty of fab programming ideas. Almost like buying a new machine in fact, only much, much cheaper. A very impressive pair of patch cards indeed.

Future Music Magazine, July 1996
DreamWaves Korg WaveStation Sound Cards