The closest you can come to Nirvana
without dying first!

Introducing our long-anticipated second set of KARMA-fied combis for keyboards with KARMA version 2.x. Find "Groove Nirvana" and release your creativity!

Contains 32 incredible Combis for the Korg Kronos, M3, OASYS or M50 (with KARMA M50 Software), making full use of the revolutionary KARMA function. Your keyboard (and your brain) may never be the same!

The Kronos, M3 and OASYS versions can be loaded directly into your keyboard, or used with the optional KARMA Kronos Software, KARMA M3 Software and KARMA Oasys Software. The M50 version requires already having the KARMA M50 Software.

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  • Focused on song-construction, backing tracks and inspirational grooves for jamming and live performance, scoring and film cues.
  • Emphasizing “quality over quantity,” each of the 32 Combis uses all four KARMA Modules and includes eight fully-voiced Scenes for maximum variability, ranging from simple to complex.
  • Kronos version works on all Kronos models: original Kronos (2011), Kronos X (2012), Kronos 2 (2015), Kronos LS (2017) and Kronos SE (2019). The provided files support both factory program orders.
  • Features extensive real-time control via the KARMA Realtime Controls (8 sliders, 8 switches) and the other controllers (joystick, ribbon, (Kronos/M3/Oasys), vector joystick (Kronos/Oasys), XY Pad (M3), 8 RT knobs or sliders and 2 switches over joystick).
  • Includes grooves and sonic textures in a wide variety of styles, ranging from a mixture of Hip-Hop, Dance, Trance & Techno categories to Ambient, Jazz, New-Age & World/Ethnic categories.
  • Each combi is fully and meticulously documented in the accompanying 71 page User’s Guide.
  • Programmed by Scott Raposa and KARMA Developer Stephen Kay, with each combi going through a rigorous testing and quality control program to make sure everything works, and works well!
  • Note: Reincarnated is "inspired by" some of the 64 Reincarnation Volume 1 combis for the original Karma Workstation and KARMA Triton software - hence the name "Reincarnated". We say "inspired by" because not all of the GEs in the original Karma are available in the new version, and even the ones that are perform differently since the new version is KARMA v2 (with 8 scenes and 5 control layers, and new features like Note Maps, KARMA Wave-Sequencing and others), and the earlier products were KARMA v1 (2 scenes and one control layer). Not to mention the programs available in the Kronos/Oasys/M3/M50 are completely different, as are parts of the effects architecture. Some of the combis are completely new, while others bear some varying degrees of resemblance to the originals they are based on. All of them will prove extremely entertaining and useful in creating song structures in various styles. If you once had a Karma Workstation or KARMA Triton with Reincarnation Volume 1, you will find some old friends and make some completely new ones!
  • Jerry Kovarsky, KORG USA Product Manager (until 2011), affirms the high quality of the collection: "The programming of the new Reincarnated collection is superb," he comments. "No one shows the true potential of KARMA better than the inventor (Karma-Lab) and Korg is proud to have this new collection of sounds for our various instruments. Thumbs way up!!"
  • As the inventor of KARMA, nobody programs KARMA to the degree that Karma-Lab does. If you want big, bold, full, robust KARMA combis with inspiring and intricate parts that have 8 full scenes of completely different variations, each capable of driving the creation of new song ideas, then these are the sets for you.
  • View all of our Kronos, OASYS, M3 and M50 Sound Sets here.
  • Get 6 free sample combis including two from this set (Kronos and OASYS only).

User’s Guide
• Korg Kronos Workstation
User's Guide, with detailed performance notes for each Combi, and tips on how to get the most out of the built-in real-time control - for Korg Kronos.
• Korg M3 Workstation
User's Guide, with detailed performance notes for each Combi, and tips on how to get the most out of the built-in real-time control - for Korg M3.
• Korg OASYS Workstation
User's Guide, with detailed performance notes for each Combi, and tips on how to get the most out of the built-in real-time control - for Korg OASYS.
• Korg M50 Workstation (when used with KARMA M50 Software)
User's Guide, with detailed performance notes for each Combi, and tips on how to get the most out of the built-in real-time control - for Korg M50.
For a listing of all 32 Combis in the collection, in order and by style category [click here].

Actual User Reviews
Reincarnated is a master piece of programming :wow: I tried them all... Very good :clap: It's hard to say which one I preferred they all presented something interested. Bravo again Scott and Stephen! -- ohm
I focus on the Trance style cos this is what i do everyday for 9 years. I can say this (is a) total masterpiece of design! This is exactly what i always want from korg M3. I dont realize that KARMA can do such things! You changed the M3, i feel like i just bought a new machine. These trance combis sounds that what they should for trance style! "LoveTrance" is my favourite, now i am sure, and this is the best trance combi i heard so far of all m3's combis. -- Aksel_PL
I have spent some time with these - an excellent set. You must watch the video which demonstrates the power of this set. It's fantastic the things you can do with each of these combi's. The accompanying pdf file that comes with the set explains in detail the possiblilites of each. I highly reccomend these if you want to want to delve futher into KARMA, use for live performances, or just have fun for hours tweeking and playing them. Outstanding job! -- mikeyd
I've only spent a few minutes with Reincarnated, but it only took about two minutes for me to get the s*^t-eating grins. Really. Unbelievable. :excited: The amount of time and effort is obvious. And the documentation is such a great addition - worth the price of admission by itself. Scott and Stephen - thank you, again. -- mragan
I can see why it took you guys so long. ATTENTION TO DETAIL !! I would challenge any synth manufacturer to match what has been accomplished with these sounds in this collection. These are truly dynamic programs which allow for improvisation capabilities, surpassing even the very nature of Karma itself. THIS IS ULTRA KARMA at a level not seen before. STEPHEN AND SCOTT.. EUREKA.... you have found it. You have found the holy grail to what synthesis should truly be ... synthesis that is intelligent at is source. -- Jamica
Downloaded the Reincarnated set and have been playing with it for several days. Pure genius...this make a great instrument even better! Thanks for the hard work, it shows in the details and playability. -- Bubowski
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