KARMA-fied Sound Sets for your Korg Keyboard
Korg Kronos Workstation
Korg Kronos X Workstation
Korg Kronos 2 Workstation
Korg Kronos LS Workstation
Korg Kronos SE Workstation

Sound Sets
Korg Kronos
Korg M3 Workstation
Sound Sets
Korg M3
Korg M50 Workstation
with KARMA M50 Software

Sound Sets
Korg M50
Korg OASYS Workstation
Sound Sets
Korg Karma Workstation
Sound Sets
Korg Karma

  • Classic
  • Studio
  • Extreme
  • Rack
  • Not available for Le or TR
Korg Triton Series

KARMA-fied Sound Sets for your Yamaha Keyboard
KARMA Motif Software &
Motif XF, Motif XS,
Motif Rack-XS, MOX, MOXF,
and S70/S90 XS

Sound Sets
Yamaha Products

Sound Sets for your Korg WaveStation

  • WaveStation
  • WaveStation A/D
  • WaveStation SR
  • Legacy WaveStation Softsynth
Korg WaveStation Series