Give yourself and your Yamaha a blast of inspiration!

NEW - May 2017!
Now available for all six supported Yamaha synths!

The brand-new first volume in our KMO Xpansion Pack Series, this collection will jump-start your creativity with a burst of inspirational jaw-dropping grooves.

Contains 32 incredible new KARMA Performances for the KARMA Motif Software.

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  • Focused on song-construction, backing tracks and inspirational grooves for jamming and live performance, scoring and film cues.
  • Includes 32 new KARMA Performances, 133 new GEs and 13 modified voices and drum voices.
  • Emphasizing “quality over quantity,” each of the 32 KARMA Performances is composed of a full 6 modules of KARMA generation, 8 fully-voiced Scenes and two Yamaha Arps for maximum variability.
  • Works on all six supported Yamaha devices: Motif XF, Motif XS, Motif Rack-XS, MOX, MOXF and S70/S90 XS. Data files include Yamaha Data for each supported keyboard, along with the .kdf file for the KARMA Motif Software.
  • Features extensive real-time control via the KARMA Realtime Controls page (scenes, sliders and switches), Yamaha DAW Remote Modes, external controller devices and other built-in controllers (ribbon, mod wheel, sliders, switches etc.)
  • Includes grooves, sonic textures and backing tracks in a wide variety of styles, ranging from Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, Electronica, Trance & Techno categories to Ambient, Jazz, New-Age, Gospel, Orchestral & World/Ethnic categories.
  • Each Performance is fully and meticulously documented in the accompanying Performance Notes.
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User’s Guides
 KMO XP1-Installation Guide.pdf
Installation Guide (included with the product) that explains how to install the sounds in the various supported Yamaha devices.
 Xpansion Pack 1 Performance List
User's Guide (HTML format included with the product), with detailed performance notes for each Perfomance (click on the titles), and tips on how to get the most out of the built-in real-time control.

Actual User Reviews
Awesome expansion package for KMO! I bought it and it started immediately to inspire my compositions. Well done Karma-Lab team! --rduccesci
Stephen Kay and Paul Osborn - you guys are both are so in tune with each other and did an amazing job on the everything specially the performances. Each one has so much texture and endless possibilities for capturing the right vibe in each scene. Thank you so much. Very easy to get it up and running. --Rad-Ron
Got my update to Karma Motif 3.3 yesterday and my new expansion pack 1. Everything went super easy. Thank you so much for the free update. I purchased the New 32 expansion performances they are just outstanding. A lot of work went into this, you guys did an amazing job! --TotallyKenny
Install went great. New sounds are amazing! --David Judson
more as they come in...