KARMA Kronos KARMA Kronos (Version 2.2.11)

Released 01-Jul-2015     [View the announcement]

  1. Note: this is a FREE update for all owners of KARMA Kronos Software - Mac and Windows versions.

  2. However, there is no updater to go from earlier versions to 2.2.11 - you must uninstall the previous version, and use the new full installer.

  3. The full installer cannot be downloaded here - it is only available to registered owners of the software. You need to request a download link using the form below:

    Request KARMA Kronos Full Installer

  4. If you are not sure of your current version, select select "About KARMA Kronos" from the Application Menu (Mac)
    or Help Menu (Windows).

  5. Always backup any data you have modified or created which pertains to KARMA Kronos before performing any update, especially if you have stored it in the same directory as the application, or its sub-directories.

  6. Note: you should not have to reauthorize (Challenge/Response) after performing this upgrade, but if for some reason when you launch the new version it says you must authorize, try the same RESPONSE from last time. If you no longer have it (or it doesn't work), then submit a new online registration and we'll provide you with a new Response ASAP!


Windows and Mac OS X:
  • Supports all models of Kronos: now ships with two factory KDF files matching the different existing program orders - one for the older Kronos (2011) and Kronos X (2012), and one for the Kronos 2 (2015). The software automatically configures the correct file for your Kronos during first launch.
  • Automatically detects and works with any version of the Kronos OS 2.0 and higher, including 3.x.
  • Now supports program banks U-AA to U-GG. Although this change was first added to the Kronos in OS 1.5, it was a major architectural change for the software and is now finally available.
  • When using OS 3.x or higher, any program bank can be set to EXi or HD-1. The KDF file window now shows tiny "E" and "H" icons in the Program Banks, indicating whether they are EXi or HD-1 banks.
  • Now automatically updates the Program Bank Types without having to manually run "Update Program Bank Types" command when you change a bank type or load a PCG file. A new dialog with visual improvements for reporting the User Program Bank Types has also been implemented.
  • New "Copy/Swap Timbres in Combi" feature: easily organize, re-order and cleanup the timbres inside your combis.
  • New "Initialize Timbres in Combi" feature: easily initialize any timbre in an existing combi, or all of them at once.
  • Help File (both Online and PDF versions) and Tutorials fully revised and updated for 2.2.11.
  • Many other enhancements, reliability improvements and bug fixes. View the full Release Notes here.


  • Back up any KARMA Kronos data (.kdf files) you may have created that are inside the KARMA Kronos Program folder.
  • Mac: Completely uninstall (remove) the previous version of KARMA Kronos from your Mac by dragging the KARMA Kronos folder from the Applications folder to the Trash. (You can also use the previous version's installer, if you still have it, to "Uninstall" the program by changing the Installation Type Step from "Easy Install" to "Uninstall".)
  • Windows: Completely uninstall (remove) the previous version of KARMA Kronos from your PC using your Control Panel > "Add/Remove Programs" (Windows XP) or "Programs and Features " (Vista, Win7, Win8).
  • Download the new full installer after you receive your download link via email (after submitting your download request as explained above).
  • Install the new version according to the instructions on the download page, and the instructions for Windows 64-bit versions that come with the download.
  • If your software was previously authorized on that computer, you should not have to re-authorize. If, however, it requests a new authorization, please submit a new authorization request and we'll get you a new Response Code ASAP.

Technical Support Issues

For the latest technical support issues with installation and authorization, [click here].

Also refer to the main Tech Support page.