House 101 DVD
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House 101: Combi Creation Series for the Korg M3

This fantastic video tutorial series is the easiest way to learn about the many features of your M3! Within the "real-world" context of developing and editing a combi, you'll be introduced to nearly all facets of the M3, from selecting and zoning programs, adding and configuring effects, assigning KARMA features to configuring all the sliders and left-hand controllers.

Using Korg's M3 Editor software, KARMA Sound Set Programmer Scott Raposa and KARMA Developer Stephen Kay start with a blank slate (an initialized combi) and take you step-by-step through the process of completing "House 101" - a completely finished KARMAfied Combi. With an easy to understand, step-by-step presentation format, they then teach you how to edit it to your liking, record it in the sequencer, and create a stereo WAVE file from it.

  • 45 self-contained chapters/lessons - work at your own speed
  • 7 hours of information-packed in-depth video instruction
  • 2 disc set (requires dual-layer capable DVD player)
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DVD-menu1 DVD-menu2 Extensive Navigation System

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The extensive navigation system allows any chapter to be easily and instantly located - pick up where you left off, or jump back to any chapter to refresh your memory.

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Full Chapter List/Free Samples

Click on the linked chapter titles to watch 5 free sample chapters. (Note: some of the material in these free samples will make the most sense when viewing the entire series in the proper order.)

Even if your main interest is not in creating fully developed combis from scratch, you'll learn all about:

  • Finding your way around the M3 Editor
  • Saving and loading M3 Editor files; transmitting and receiving data
  • Selecting a different GE for a KARMA module to replace an existing GE
  • Changing Programs on Timbres
  • Changing Key Zones, setting up splits, layering timbres
  • Using Timbre parameters, such as EQ, Transpose, Portamento
  • Using Tone Adjust to modify the sound of individual programs in a combi
  • Assigning Effects, chaining them and routing them
  • Assigning KARMA Parameters to the Master Layer
  • Understanding esoteric KARMA features such as Melodic Repeat and Auto-Bending
  • Modifying Scenes more to your personal taste
  • Copying Scenes from one to another
  • Putting the 8 Scenes into a completely different order
  • Assigning chords to the pads and keeping the parts from transposing up or down too far
  • Setting up the Drum Track in a combi, and having it play in only certain KARMA scenes
  • Setting up the X-Y Mode to mix the KARMA Modules in and out with your fingers
  • Configuring the LH controllers such as joystick, ribbon, SW1 and SW2
  • Configuring the eight Real-Time Sound Control Sliders to modify sounds and effects
  • Having only certain timbres respond to various controllers
  • The easiest way to record a song with your completed combi and turn it into a WAVE file - and a lot more!

Chapter 1: Quick Setup
Chapter 2: Module A - Drums
Chapter 3: Module B - Bass
Chapter 4: Module C - Synth Line [watch...]
Chapter 5: Module D - Gated Synth
Chapter 6: Splitting The Keyboard [watch...]
Chapter 7: Fun With KARMA
Chapter 8: Timbre Parameters
Chapter 9: Tone Adjust
Chapter 10: EQ - Equalization
Chapter 11: Intro To MFX
Chapter 12: Intro To IFX
Chapter 13: IFX Chaining
Chapter 14: Drum Kit IFX
Chapter 15: More IFX
Chapter 16: MFX Delay & TFX
Chapter 17: Master Layer SW 1-4 [watch...]
Chapter 18: Master Layer SW 6-8
Chapter 19: Alternate Drum Maps
Chapter 20: Slider 1 - Swing
Chapter 21: Slider 2 - Rhythm
Chapter 22: Slider 3 - Duration
Chapter 23: Slider 4 - Velocity
Chapter 24: Sliders 6 & 8 - Time Signature
Chapter 25: SW 5 & Slider 7 - Final Assignments
Chapter 26: Preparing For Scenes
Chapter 27: Melodic Repeat Part 1 - Melodic
Chapter 28: Melodic Repeat Part 2 - Drums
Chapter 29: Pitch Bending - Part 1
Chapter 30: Pitch Bending - Part 2 (Drums)
Chapter 31: Building Scenes - Part 1
Chapter 32: Building Scenes - Part 2
Chapter 33: Building Scenes - Part 3 [watch...]
Chapter 34: Building Scenes - Part 4
Chapter 35: Building Scenes - Part 5
Chapter 36: Reordering Scenes
Chapter 37: LH Pad & Damper
Chapter 38: Pads, Chords & More
Chapter 39: Drum Track
Chapter 40: X-Y Mode
Chapter 41: LH Controllers - Part 1
Chapter 42: LH Controllers - Part 2
Chapter 43: Real-Time Sound Control - Part 1
Chapter 44: Real-Time Sound Control - Part 2
Chapter 45: Simple Sequencing and WAVE [watch...]

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