House 101: Combi Creation (Video Tutorial) Series - Free Sample Chapters

These free sample chapters should give you an idea of the kind of in depth material you'll see when you join our PCA Area. Note that the full complete tutorial series is 45 chapters and some of the material in these free samples will make the most sense when viewing the entire series in the proper order.

December 10, 2010: Now available as a 2-disc DVD set! [more...]

Chapter 04 free
Chapter 4: Module C - Synth Line (05:56)

In Chapter 4, Scott shows you how to experiment with various Synth Programs and KARMA GE's to hone in on a KARMA-powered synth line arpeggio for your combi.

Chapter 06 free
Chapter 6: Splitting The Keyboard (06:34)

In Chapter 6, Scott shows you how to split the keyboard so that the KARMA modules are only triggered on the bottom octaves. He then shows you how to assign and zone an organ program so you can play it on the upper octaves.

Chapter 17 free
Chapter 17: Master Layer SW 1-4 (06:21)

In Chapter 17, Scott begins teaching you how to KARMA-fy your combi, providing a general overview and assigning Switches 1-4 in KARMA's Master Layer to mute and unmute the four KARMA modules.

Chapter 33 premium
Chapter 33: Building Scenes - Part 3 (11:38)

In Chapter 33, Scott leads you through building your third new Scene. Switching back and forth between the Master and Module Control Layers, you'll hone in on the exact settings for each Module - ending up with another cool variation!

Chapter 45 free
Chapter 45: Simple Sequencing and WAVE (07:02)

FINAL CHAPTER! - In Chapter 45, Scott brings the House 101 Series to a conclusion by showing you the fastest way to record a song with your new combi (Auto Song Setup), and then how to export your song as a stereo WAVE file that can be made into an mp3 or burnt onto a CD.

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